14-Year-Old Girl's Tea Party Speech Drowned Out By Leftist Agitators

-By Warner Todd Huston

Ann Althouse has a great report showing how, once again, the uncivil left doesn’t care about free speech.

… A man with a guitar is performing — amplified — on the stage, but we can barely hear him over the crowd noise. There is incessant ringing of cowbells. Then, we can hear that a young woman is speaking from the stage to the Tea Party crowd as the protesters do what they can to drown her out. She finishes — “God bless America” — and the tea partiers cheer but the protesters overwhelm them with boos. The emcee comes to the mike and we hear that the speaker was only 14 years old

Althouse has been doing yeoman’s work covering the hate-spewing left in Wisconsin this year. Check her Latest out.

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