URF Stands with Rep Senger and HB3156

From the United Republican Fund of Illinois…

Commonsense Bill Supports Women’s Health in Their Time of Need

WINFIELD, IL – The United Republican Fund of Illinois, Inc. (URF) stands with Rep. Darlene Senger (R-Naperville), who has introduced legislation in Springfield that would raise abortion clinics health standards to be comparable to other outpatient surgical centers. This commonsense legislation passed out of the House committee with unanimous, bipartisan support, despite bewildering opposition by the ACLU and women’s rights groups.

“How could anyone that claims to be concerned about women’s health oppose raising reproductive health care clinic standards to a basic level?” URF Executive Director Dennis LaComb said Wednesday. “We applaud Rep. Senger’s logical actions, and urge any lawmaker concerned about their constituents’ health care to support giving Illinois women the best possible medical care during their time of need.”
Shockingly, current law exempts reproductive health care centers from meeting basic building code requirements, such as appropriate hallway width for gurney transport and typical sanitation standards for operating rooms. At the very least, reproductive health care facilities should have the minimal standards required by even Illinois’ veterinary clinics.

“The URF fully agrees with the ACLU that ‘Women are not livestock.'” LaComb said. “Indeed, women deserve immensely higher quality health care facility standards than those expected for the care of horses and cattle, which is why the ACLU’s opposition to this legislation and protest of Rep. Senger is so perplexing. We encourage legislators to stand for women’s health and join as cosponsors of HB3156.”

About The United Republican Fund:
The United Republican Fund is Illinois’ oldest independent, Republican organization. Founded in 1934, the URF’s mission is to advance conservative Republican principles, policies, and people by equipping and electing to office men and women who endorse and promote the Republican values of limited and ethical government, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets, and traditional American values.

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