Union Thugs Attack Petition Worker, Destroys Petitions

-By Warner Todd Huston

From Joe Schoffstall we find yet another example of the way unions and Democrats use thug tactics to force their way on those around them, yet one more example of how Democrats and union thugs don’t care about democracy or the American system when it comes to their ill-gotten gains and freebies paid for on the backs of the working poor.

The scene was a petition drive aimed at recalling a Democrat state senator and the participants are a bunch of union thugs one of whom grabbed up all the completed petitions, defaced them, and then ripped them up.

As Schoffestall explains:

This video was shot minutes after a union advocate destroyed several petitions at a recall Jim Holperin Rally in Merill, WI. The event was moved to the court house grounds because the private location originally slated to host the event was threatened with arson. It should be noted that police were present when the protestor destroyed these recall petitions, but stated to us that there was nothing they could do about it. The female protestor, who had a young child with her, approached the recall table pretending to be interested in signing the petition, then proceeded to write F– You! She then ripped up other completed petitions before being stopped. Her actions were met with great approval from the rest of the crowd, who took up the chant heard in the video.

Now, this is interesting in that the left-wingers in the Badger State are doing the precise same thing — sponsoring recall drives to oust Republicans. These hatemongers on the left claim that it is the “right” to have these recall petitions and that they are honoring the democratic process by using the system to get rid of Republicans they don’t like… and they are generally correct in this sentiment. Yet when they find the other side similarly sponsoring a recall petition do they nod their heads approvingly that all Wisconsonites are engaging in the legal system for redress of grievances? Uh, nope. They get violent and try to deny others of their rights.

This is typical of the hateful left. Taking full advantage of the system for themselves is great, these union/Democrat thugs think, but Katy bar the door if anyone else tries to do the same. Un-American hypocrite thugs. That is the left through and through.


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  • This is got to be the phoniest, mosy contrived video that I have ever seen. Where are the vandals? Is the camera on its side suppose to make us think that somehow the camera got knocked over and was still filming? Are these Fox news brainwashed,conservative, hillbillies in the video really that stupid that they think we are going to fall for this. Hint: If you are going to try trick someone you, first, have to be smarter than them. Maybe they made the video for their inborn relatives.

  • I guess it's not ok to recall a republican governor, but it's ok to convince someone to shoot a democratic one.

  • In reply to boris1421:

    No one shot any Democrat governors, liar.

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