Texas Abortion Centers Killing Teen's Babies Without Informing Parents

-By Warner Todd Huston

Texas has a parental notification law for abortions. Underage teens are not supposed to be allowed to have the procedure until her parents are made aware of the crisis. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that many abortion mills in Texas are breaking the law and killing the babies of under aged girls without informing parents.

But there are more violations than just that. A three-month-long investigation by a pro-life group has also found that medical records are routinely and illegally destroyed and hazardous medical waste is commonly disposed of illegally. LifeNews.com reports that Operation Rescue has announced that it has identified several abortion clinics that have violated regulations imposed by the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Operation Rescue finds these violations to be a “widespread crisis of epidemic proportions.”

“The evidence we uncovered of illegal activity reveals a systemic problem throughout Texas that is not confined to one particular clinic or group of clinics,” he explained. “These violations endanger the heath of women, violate the rights of women to be informed and have their medical records protected, and present health hazards to the general public.”

Operation Rescue charges that these violations of parental notification laws tend to hide child molestation.

“We also found disturbing evidence of attempts to evade parental consent laws and child sex abuse reporting laws. This illegal activity endangers the safety and welfare of children throughout Texas,” Newman said.

The investigation also found that many of these abortion clinics are run down and in disrepair and also found half used drugs and human waste illegally thrown away in dumpsters behind many of the clinics.

LifeNews.com has the transcripts of a call to an abortion provider that reveals several violations of the law that is a must see.

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