Roskam on MSNBC's Daily Rundown: Senate Must Act

From the Office of Representative Peter Roskam (R, 6th District)…

38 Days Later: Senate Has Failed to Act:

“We’re 38 days away from when the House acted an d passed something over to the Senate and we haven’t seen any substantive Senate action in that entire time. So before the House is asked to come back and take another position, the Senate has to act, and we’ve seen absolutely nothing.” “Ultimately what folks are saying is they’re watching Washington, they’re saying ‘stop the spending nonsense and get the priorities in order.’ And that requires the United states Senate to take up action. And they’ve been AWOL for the past 38 days.”

“The spending binge in Washington has to stop”:

“The Senate needs to take up this challenge. April 8th is looming and they need to be serious about trying to cut and keep the government open. We need to follow through on what the public basically said last November, and that was the spending binge in Washington has to stop.”

On Senator Reid:

“He’s doing distraction talk as opposed to moving substantively.”

“Well, the Senate Democrats pulled the mask off yesterday. There’s really no pretense anymore about what is the agenda that they have for the American public.

“I think it’s incredibly disappointing.

“The House acted not 10 days ago, not 20 days ago, not 30 days ago, not 35, but 39 days ago. There’s been plenty of time for Senate Democrats to take up this responsibility and they’ve completely failed.”

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