Roskam Celebrates Repeal of 1099 'Mistake'

-By Warner Todd Huston

“Well, this is all about removing the barriers of job creation – that’s the theme of this Congress. That’s where the over whelming amount of energy is going.

“If you think about it, the Democrats made a mistake last Congress didn’t they? They decided to rush a bill through, they decided that they were going to truncate hearings, they decided that they were going to write a bill in the Speaker’s office; and ultimately a bad process yielded a bad result because, low and behold, a draconian requirement was placed on small business. “Everybody seemed shocked, and appalled, and surprised when they woke up and found that it was in there, with the exception of the small business community that said, ‘if you do this, it’s going to have an adverse impact on job creation.’

“This is very straight forward. It is very directly related to job creation, and this is all about removing the barriers to job creation. So, it is time to repeal this onerous requirement.”

Chief Deputy Whip roskam also issued the following statement after the House of Representatives repealed the 1099 tax form provision from Pelosicare:

“Today, House Republicans removed a barrier to job creation by voting to repeal the job-destroying 1099 tax provision from Pelosicare. The 1099 provision would affect literally every small business in America, forcing businesses to spend more on compliance costs instead of investing in growth and hiring new workers. That is a sentiment I’ve heard time and again from business owners in my district, so I applaud the House for correcting the Democrats’ clear mistake to fund part of their healthcare bill on the backs of American small businesses. The 1099 repeal was part of our ‘Pledge to America,’ and this is yet another example of Republicans making good on that pledge and taking decisive action to remove barriers to job creation.”

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