Republican Leader Cross Sponsors Bi-Partisan Resolution Spending Control Measure

From the Office of Rep. House Leader Tom Cross…

HR110 unanimously passed Illinois House today

Springfield….Rep. Tom Cross (R- Plainfield) is sponsoring House Resolution 110, which creates a framework for Fiscal Year 2012 budget negotiations based upon the adoption of realistic revenue projections; setting the table for lawmakers to identify realistic cuts and prevent excessive borrowing. “I am pleased to sponsor this resolution. We have been saying for years that our state needs to live within its financial means, just as every family living in Illinois does,” Cross said. “This resolution will allow the legislature to know how much revenue the state can expect next fiscal year so we can create a balanced budget and put a stop to out-of-control spending.”

HR 110 establishes a revenue estimate of $33.2 billion for next fiscal year, which is $700 million lower than the $33.9 billion projected by the Governor’s office.

“Not only are the Governor’s revenue projections high, he also proposed to increase spending by $1.7 billion with money we don’t have and wants to fill the gap by borrowing. Enough is enough,” said Cross. “The first step to passing a balanced budget is to have an accurate projection of how much money is coming into state coffers; from there we can prioritize our spending and make responsible reductions where necessary.”

Cross says he is pleased Speaker Michael Madigan and the Democrats agreed to work with the House Republicans on this resolution.

Illinois House Republican Leader Tom Cross
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