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Would a "Patriot" oppose the right of Republicans to vote?

By Doug Ibendahl, Republican News Watch Yesterday I was on the receiving end of a very strange email blast. It came from some guy named Tom Weber in Lake County who emails under the name “The 912 Patriots.” I can’t make heads or tails out of much of it. There’s a lot of gibberish. But... Read more »

Roskam on MSNBC's Daily Rundown: Senate Must Act

From the Office of Representative Peter Roskam (R, 6th District)… 38 Days Later: Senate Has Failed to Act: “We’re 38 days away from when the House acted an d passed something over to the Senate and we haven’t seen any substantive Senate action in that entire time. So before the House is asked to come... Read more »

2011 Sammies Awards, April 8

From the Sam Adams Alliance… 2010 was the year activists redrew the battle lines in American politics, erasing “R” and “D,” fusing red and blue, blurring conservative and liberal, and creating bright contrast between political professional and citizen. The Sammies celebrates ordinary Americans who take extraordinary steps to advance our freedoms. This year, SAM will... Read more »

Obama Lackeys Running GM Now Want US to Pay Out for Rebates

-By Warner Todd Huston A few days ago I wrote about how the Obama administration has stuffed the upper echelons of management at General Motors with government lackeys who have no experience in the auto industry and how Obama’s government will lead GM to ultimate failure. Today we see yet one more step toward GMs... Read more »

A Nationwide Movement To Eliminate Voter Fraud Is Born

-By Warner Todd Huston This past weekend the first national True The Vote Summit was conducted by the folks that successfully rooted out vote fraud in Harris County, Texas during the 2010 elections. Folks from 27 different states were in attendance to learn how the Harris County effort was conducted in hopes of replicating the... Read more »

Delaware Stormtroopers Steal Citizen's Basketball Hoops

-By Warner Todd Huston This is the nanny state we’ve built. In Delaware you are not allowed to own a basketball hoop in front of your home and if you have the gall to erect one anyway, why the state’s stormtroopers will come to your home with thousands of dollars worth of cops, trucks, and... Read more »

Wisconsin Stops Removing Union Dues From Employees Checks

-By Warner Todd Huston Pursuant to Governor Scott Walker’s new rules, as of Monday the State of Wisconsin is no longer taking union dues out of the paychecks of government workers. The state is also charging more for these employee’s healthcare and pensions. Even though there is still a question open of a compromised judge’s... Read more »

While Illinois Citizens Lose Jobs, More Government Workers Get Union Protection

-By Warner Todd Huston If this isn’t just the way the most corrupt state in the country works, there’s nothing that will show it. As the state of Illinois loses businesses and her citizens lose their jobs by the thousands, government workers in Illinois get richer and government unions are even adding members. Now there’s... Read more »

A Political Cover Up: Gov. Quinn's Racist Security Man

-By Warner Todd Huston Several news sources have been working for days to get to the bottom of a story that might end up revealing that the head of one of Democrat Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s police security details was involved in a racist attack on several black students in downstate Carlinville. Worse, the story... Read more »

Peter Roskam, Ill. Delegation Mostly Disappointed With Obama's Libya Policies

-By Warner Todd Huston Despite initially intending to skip a public address, President Obama finally came before the nation last night to speak about his plans and ideas for America’s engagement in Libya. Unfortunately there are more questions than answers still and members of the Illinois congressional delegation are less than satisfied with Obama’s Libya... Read more »