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Me on TV: Off 63rd with Garrard McClendon, Tonight 6:30PM

-By Warner Todd Huston I will be a panel member on tonight’s episode of Off 63rd with Garrard McClendon. The show is on Chicago’s PBS station WYCC-TV channel 20.

'Taxpayer's Champion' Censured By Grayslake School Board

-By Warner Todd Huston Some residents of Northeast suburban Grayslake have called Michael Carbone the “taxpayer’s champion.” But the Grayslake School Board does not ascribe to such accolades. In fact, members of the board have censured Mr. Carbone for allegedly attempting to access a password-protected school district computer without permission. Carbone has described himself as... Read more »

Chicago's City Worker Union Members Get Free Chauffeur Perks

-By Warner Todd Huston Let’s say your job is as a traveling salesman or a construction worker and you work at different locations throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your own free chauffeur service to get back and forth to work? That way you could just drive yourself to one location a... Read more »

Mich. Teachers Assoc. Features Photo of Gov. Snyder as Devil on Facebook Page

-By Warner Todd Huston The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has a devil of a story. It appears that the Michigan Education Association was hosting a photo of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder replete with bloodspatters and occult symbols making the governor out to be the devil. (See image below) The Mackinac Center alerted the MEA... Read more »

Rep. Peter Roskam: High Taxes Have Consequences

Rep. Peter Roskam: High Taxes Have Consequences
-By Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam, GOP Chief Deputy Whip Note: Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman will testify before the Ways & Means Trade Subcommittee today. Illinois and other states have recently made headlines for their declining populations. Whether they realize it or not, what states like Illinois are learning the hard way is that over-taxing and... Read more »

VIDEO -- Who's More Responsible: Charlie or Washington?

Who is more fiscally responsible: Charlie Sheen or Washington? Duh! Charlie the Warlock. Washington spends $30 million, the same as Charlie’s salary, in less than five minutes. Now that’s a fastball… At least Charlie knew not to spend more than Two and a Half Men was paying him. Courtesy of Bankrupting America.

Ill GOP House News

From Ill. GOP House Leader Tom Cross… Years of advocating for fiscally conservative and responsible budgeting by members of the House Republican caucus finally seems to be resonating with leading Democrats in the House. Wednesday, House Republican Leader Tom Cross testified alongside House Speaker Michael Madigan before the House Elementary and Secondary Appropriations and the... Read more »

Great Rockin' Song: Union Man -- Come On And Give Me MOOOORE!

To hell with the taxpayer, gonna make ’em pay MORE! Glen Shulfer rips the ripoff artists in the unions a new one in this rockin’ new tune. Glen writes us and says, “Witnessing the sense of entitlement by the union employees during the Madison protests, I was inspired to write a song called ‘Union Man.’... Read more »

Local Illinois City Manager Makes More Than EVERY U.S. Governor!

-By Adam Andrzejewski, CEO| For The Good of Illinois Joliet City Manager is a $463,000 Whale In 2008, the Joliet hired a new City Manager. His starting base salary was $189,000. For 2011, the base salary increased to $196,500 and the City Manager out-earned every governor of the 50 states. In addition to this lucrative... Read more »

Rep Joe Walsh on a Gov't Shut Down

Newly minted Republican Congressman Joe Walsh of the 8th Illinois District recently spoke to CBS News about the possibility of a government shut down due to the Democrat’s reticence to come up with their own budget policies. It should be remembered that the Democrats never DID pass a budget in 2010 and the House of... Read more »