Left-Wing Group Takes Down Conservative Website -- Petty Little Children Affecting Nothing

-By Warner Todd Huston

The left-wing Internet-based group calling itself “Anonymous” briefly took down the website of the conservative activist group Americans For Prosperity on Sunday, Feb. 27. Yet all the sturm und drang signifying… what? Me thinks that “Anonymous” is reading too many comic books.

Amusingly, with the Denial of Service (DNS) attack “Anonymous” imagines themselves striking a blow for the oppressed, or something. “Anonymous hears the voice of the downtrodden American people,” they sonorously tell us on their website. The amusing thing to me is that they imagine the oppressed are government employee union members. Only, here is the thing… people that work for the government are on average the best paid people in America. They have the best benefits, the earliest retirement ages, and the cheapest healthcare in the entire country — cheapest to them anyway, not to us the taxpayers. It is a fact that government employees are the new elites in America today. It is also a fact that they live high on the hog off the backs of the working poor. So who the heck do these fools in “Anonymous” think they are come to the aid of?

All this flim-flam-flash is supposed to somehow destroy the left’s newest boogiemen, the New York-based Koch brothers, David and Charles. These fellows have spent millions of their considerable fortune to affect conservative outcomes politically. In this they are acting perfectly within the law and legitimately… in fact they are doing just what the left’s sugar daddy, George Soros, is doing for his side of the ideological divide…. only the Koch’s haven’t spent nearly as much money to affect conservative outcomes as Soros and his cabal has done to turn the world toward the socialist, anti-American left.

So, as these idiots in “Anonymous” and The Daily Kos, Moveon.orgers, and Media Matters for America chortle about the eeeevil Koch brothers, they themselves are being funded by a sugar daddy doing the precise same thing from their political perspective.

Once again it proves how the left is filled with hatemongering hypocrites.

Further, the Koch brothers have had very little to do with the very situation that these halfwits in “Anonymous” imagine they are supporting. The whole deal with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is his deal not the Koch brother’s. The closest they’ve gotten to joining Walker’s fight is by having the local Wisconsin AFP chapters saying they support Walker. They really haven’t done much else. And that is even simply within the local chapter’s purview as opposed to any special effort by the Koch brothers.

AFP’s president, Tim Phillips is calling on the left to denounce the “Anonymous” effort to strike a blow against American Democracy by attempting to shut down free, fair, and legal political speech.

Americans for Prosperity has established itself as a leading voice in one of the great political debates underway in this country over government spending and how best to restore the fiscal solvency of governments at both the state and federal level. Yesterday, a group claimed credit for an attempt to silence our voice and to stifle that debate through an illegal attack on our website. While the political debate over government spending can be heated, we hope that even our opponents will join us in condemning this illegal attack on our free speech rights as unacceptable and irredeemable. Our country cannot meet the great challenges before us if we cannot have a free and open discussion about the threats that we face.

The left does not now and has not ever cared about democracy, free speech, or legitimate, legal political action. They are all about a fascist shutting down of everyone that does not fully agree with them. All the worst regimes in human history from the 1900s to today have been left-wingers doing what left-wingers do: oppress people.

Still, all that aside, these poor little kiddies in “Anonymous” are quite amusing. I mean, what, they shut down AFP’s website for a short time and it all meant…. what? What was the substantive result, here? It’s all a big ho hum, really. It cost neither AFP nor the Koch brothers a thing. They are all still out there and still making a difference for their cause.

I know because I’ve been covering groups like AFP for the better part of four years, now. I’ve been to AFP’s events, I’ve been to Americans for Tax Reform’s events, Freedomworks’ events, The Heartland Institute’s events, Sam Adams Alliance, Illinois Policy Institute… I’ve covered dozens of events of many of these conservative activist groups [I’ve had some expenses covered here and there, but have never been in the employ of any of them for disclosure] and they all have one thing in common. That is that there isn’t anything secretive or shadowy about them. They are all right out there and pushing their issues in public.

These tech-heads in “Anonymous” really must have their head up their rear ends because the real world is not the Internet. AFP and conservatives have done things the right way out there in the real world. They are open, in the fight, and have won a series of victories across the country that only a year ago hack leftists and their Old Media lapdogs said was impossible. They’ve gotten hundreds of new conservatives elected to office with an ambitious agenda. People like Scott Walker, for instance.

And what has “Anonymous” done? They shut a website down for about a half a mo. Ooooooo. Though guys. Reaaaallly “activisty,” that is.

Worse, the only real result of the actions of “Anonymous” is to strike a blow against America’s system, its traditions, and its culture. “Anonymous” and its Soros backed pals are anti-American to the core. It really is just that simple.

So, congrats to these silly little children in “Anonymous.” You got 20 seconds publicity, you made a mockery of freedom and liberty, you attempted to shut down free political speech, and you ultimately did nothing to your opponents.

Silly little children. Tricks are for kids. The real adults are those at AFP and the other conservative advocacy groups that have helped steer America back to the right.


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  • David did run as the *Libertarian* VP nominee, and they give to groups like Cato, Reason, and the ACLU... I'd say they're more libertarian than conservative, though there is certainly some overlap.

  • Wow, this is a 'really well thought out' article. How about some logic up in this piece.
    1. Anonymous has no political ideology.
    Anonymous is an opt-in hivemind consisting of people from every ideology, age group, location, and profession. op in Anonymous are chosen by the people, one person starts an op and the rest of the collective decides if they want to join.
    2. People have been bandying about how we don't attack soros.
    Soros has not given us a reason to attack him, he is currently not active unlike the koch bros who have their hands currently in the activities in WI.
    3. 'Petty little children'
    Anonymous is every age group.
    4. Affecting Nothing
    It is getting media focus on WI and galvanizing those who are numbed to the state of things to the point of apathy. (thank you by the way for helping us in that respect)
    5. 'hatemongering hypocrites'
    Which is ironic because I counted over 9000 insults and personal attacks in that article. Pot calling the kettle black?
    6. The WI protests are not about money, stop feasting on what Fox News is Feeding you. The Unions already agreed to compromise, already agreed to pay cuts. But Scott wants all or nothing, he is to blame.
    7. 'Further, the Koch brothers have had very little to do with the very situation that these halfwits in "Anonymous" imagine they are supporting.'
    Who do you think is bankrolling all the anti-union sites. Why would Koch release an OpEd to the times if he was not involved?
    7. 'So, congrats to these silly little children in "Anonymous." You got 20 seconds publicity'
    Trust me, we have so much more in store.

    We are Anonymous
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect Us.

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