Left Decries Palin's Stalker... Or Not

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last month a stalker of Sarah Palin was discovered only 50 miles from her home in Alaska. He has been talking about “tracking her down” at book signings, falsely claimed he’s had a sexual relationship with her, and has sent the Palin’s receipts of gun purchases. So, now I am waiting for the leftists that immediately began to blame the shooting on Gabrielle Giffords on “violent right-wing rhetoric” to point to the violent left-wing rhetoric that would cause a teenager to buy guns (and send the receipt to Palin), send threatening emails, make threatening phone calls, call himself Palin’s “magic enemy,” and ultimately set out to threaten her at her home, until caught by the FBI.

Like Verum Serum I’m waiting for that sincere national dialog from the left. Waaaaaiting…. Naturally, we have to turn to foreign press to hear the story as the US press didn’t make much noise about the stalker Shawn Christy, 19, from Pennsylvania.

Christy had spent months emailing Palin’s offices with vague threats as well as calling them on the phone. It got to the point where Palin and Palin family friend friend Kristan Cole took out a restraining order against Shawn “your magic enemy” Christy. The Palin’s were alarmed early in February when Christy took a flight to Anchorage, Alaska for an odd 30-hour visit.

Christy said he is fighting Palin’s order of protection, which said in part:

‘Petitioner and counsel allege that the respondent has made numerous implied threats in his telephonic and written communication including references to his guns, telling petitioner that she better watch her back and saying that he is buying a one way ticket to Alaska and sending the receipt for purchase of the guns,’ were claims in the court document.

Mrs Palin testified that Christy was delusional in his statements that he has had direct communication or contact with her or her daughter.

‘Petitioner also testified that respondent has falsely claimed to have had a sexual relationship with petitioner,’ the filing included.

He sounds dangerous, doesn’t he? He sounds like a nut, doesn’t he?

So where is the left proclaiming that the reason for his unhinged behavior is violent left-wing rhetoric? Where is your “New Tone” now?

Here is Palin’s parents talking about the threats…


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  • You're comparing a peaceful, soft spoken public servant like Rep Giffords with a pot stirring, inflammatory political pundit who actually quit her public service job ... interesting.

    Palin is in the business of sideline mocking and making enemies. With a million dollar a year Fox salary & book and speaking fees to boot, Palin can more than afford the security costs of her chosen profession.

    That's not a luxury most public servants who actually contribute something to society can afford.

  • His visit was hardly a secret. Maybe you missed the part where the Wasilla paper, The Frontiersman, ran a story during Christy's visit to Anchorage?


    In the article he said he'd checked with law enforcement to make sure he wasn't violating his restraining order. And surely you've seen the reports in the past couple of days proving that Mr. Heath was incorrect. As the FBI and the attorney general's office have told inquiring reporters, Christy wasn't arrested or told to return home. He wasn't doing anything wrong.

    I do sympathize with Mrs. Palin's concerns, however. Clearly this is a disturbed young man--his own father has said he's made more than 100 threats against the president, Sen. McCain, and Palin. Your comparison makes little sense anyway, but Christy's problems have nothing to do with anybody's rhetoric.

    Given all this, I do wonder why Mrs. Palin showed so little compassion for Rep. Giffords when she publicly stated her concerns about being "targeted" by those famous surveyor's marks. You would think that Mrs. Palin, being a Christian and a woman who is afraid of a teenager who lives in another state, would have had far more empathy.

    But then again, "empathy" and "compassion" are not really the first words that spring to people's minds when her name is mentioned.

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