Indoctrination U: Union Thugs Using Kids As Shields in Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston

Ann Althouse has been one of the leading bloggers chronicling the union thugs that have infested Wisconsin over the last few weeks and yesterday she did it again. With her trusty video camera in hand, Althouse found some Wisconsin “teachers” leading little children in protest chants at the State Capitol at Madison.

I just want to ask a question here before we see the video, though. Imagine the screams of agony we’d hear if a group of conservatives had taken children out of school, bussed them to a state capitol, then trained them like good little robots to chant a conservative protest chant. Such a video would be all over the news, wouldn’t it? Such a group if a conservative one would be excoriated from coast to coast by every newspaper and every TV station in existence. If conservatives had done this, the entire Democrat Party would be rising up as one to say that conservatives were child abusers, without a doubt.

… and yet…

Althouse asks if it is a good idea to teach children to mindlessly protest authority when they haven’t the slightest intellectual grasp of why they are protesting! That is certainly a good question, don’t you think?

Of course, we’ve seen the hatemongers on the left indoctrinating kids before…

Sickening, isn’t it? Stalin would have loved this stuff.

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