Ill. Attny Gen to 'Out' Illinois Gun Owners

-By Warner Todd Huston

Recently the Associated Press asked the Illinois State Police for its list of Illinois gun owners. The police refused saying that the release of the names and addresses of all those registered firearm owners in Illinois would be a violation of their privacy but Illinois Attorney General Democrat Lisa Madigan disagrees with the police and has ruled that the list should be released to the press.

In Illinois anyone that wants to buy a firearm or wants to purchase ammunition and related supplies must register and obtain a Firearm Owner’s ID card (or a FOID). The card is also necessary for hunters that use firearms. Citizens do not have to get one of these cards in order to be allowed to have a gun, but they need one to legally purchase and buy supplies for them in the state. It is this registry that the press wanted released.

Democrat Attorney General Lisa Madigan, daughter of the state’s powerful Democrat majority leader Michael Madigan, has decided that the privacy concern is “invalid” undermining the State Police’s reasoning of r refusing to release the list. Madigan’s office released a letter to the press on Monday evening, February 28.

Currently there are no state laws that would prohibit the release of the registry but some Republican-sponsored bills are sitting idle in the House of Representatives.

The State Police have not announced what they intend to do from here.

This move is obviously a move by Democrat Madigan to intimidate Illinois gun owners hoping to make them fear that their names and addresses will suddenly be released to the media.

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