Delaware Stormtroopers Steal Citizen's Basketball Hoops

-By Warner Todd Huston

This is the nanny state we’ve built. In Delaware you are not allowed to own a basketball hoop in front of your home and if you have the gall to erect one anyway, why the state’s stormtroopers will come to your home with thousands of dollars worth of cops, trucks, and personnel to steal your poll and backboard. I suppose the kindly state overlords of Delaware would rather kids be sitting in their homes playing video games where they belong, eh?

The video depicts Delaware Department of Transportation crews escorted by state police tearing down basketball hoops in the early morning in two neighborhoods in Claymont. One family engaged in a bit of civil disobedience and stood in the way of the dark overlords of Delaware, the “First State.”

Delaware used to be called “The Blue Hen” state, too. Perhaps that should be changed to the “Mother Hen State.”

In this case the hoop “violated” Chapter 5 of the highways, roads and bridges statutes. Because, you know, basketball hoops are dire threats to the safety of the good people of Delaware.

I have two words for the good folks of Delaware: Second Amendment.


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  • the law is stupid but it's still a law. just because a group of people don't like a law doesn't mean it shouldn't apply to them, no matter how trivial. if these folks want to keep their basketball hoops then they need to get the law changed. the man in the video seemed to be in this process so i hope he succeeds. so, friends, in conclusion if you don't like something then use proper channels to change it...or get on the internet and blog about 'police states'. I'm sure that is just as effective a way to bring about change...

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