Aussie Moron Gets Shot By Sticking Face In Front of Shotgun

-By Warner Todd Huston

We certainly never want to see anyone shot accidentally. If a firearm is wielded it is imperative that the one pulling the trigger is in the right to do so. In Australia we have a case to prove the exception. Once in a while someone who gets accidentally shot, well, they just plain deserve it.

Julia Symons is apparently one of the dumbest people in Australia. Being an animal rights wacko and anti-hunting busybody, that puts her right up there, of course, but the thing that put her on top of the list of morondom occurred over the weekend of March 19 at Lake Buloke, Victoria, Australia. It seems that Mz Symons was one of about 150 dimwitted protesters trying to get between the shotguns of some 2000 legal hunters and the ducks they were shooting at for the first day of duck hunting season at the lake. Like her foolish pals, Symons was trying to disrupt the hunters by jumping into the water and wading dangerously near the shooters to intimidate them into quitting the hunt.

Naturally, when one puts onesself at the business end of a shotgun, one often gets a pellet or two for a reward and Mz Symons was afforded just that. Symons was shot in the face by a 14-year-old hunter when she got too close to him.

Symons, 22, had pellets lodged in her cheek and chin and lost a tooth as a result of the incident. After a short investigation authorities determined that the shooting was an accident.

So what can be said of someone so stupid as to put their face between a hunter’s shotgun and a duck on the first day of duck hunting season? How stupid can one be, anyway?

Is saving a duck worth getting your face shot off? Anyone who says “yes” to that is a prime candidate for a Darwin Award, don’t you think?

Like William Shatner said to overzealous Trekkers on Saturday Night Live in 1986, we need to tell animal rights nuts to “get a life!”


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  • You don't have a clue what went on down here, 'Publius Forum'. She didn't stick her face in front of a gun and is not even 22 years old. Grow up and start learning the facts before you spew your uneducated, gun-crazed tripe.

  • In reply to John27:

    ... so are you saying that the title for your comment should be "Aussie Moron Comments on Blog About Aussie Moron?"

  • In reply to John27:

    What are you talking about? You really are incredibly childish. I don't see how anyone can take you seriously. The fact that I am the only person who has commented so far probably suggests that.

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