'Atheists for Islam' Happy to Support Religion?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Sometimes a single picture is enough to put the left’s folly in crystal clear terms and we have one for you today.

The current crop of militant atheists have been parading about the country wailing about how the evil, evil Christians are oppressing them by having non-sectarian things like “In God We Trust” on our money or allowing a manger scene on city property. That’s some oppression, there, eh?

Well, last weekend a photo was snapped that shows exactly what militant atheists really mean behind their rhetoric. Oh, they aren’t against religion. They don’t likely think they are being oppressed, either. No their real goal is rather simple. They are enemies of Christianity exclusively. Today’s militant atheists aren’t looking for “equality” or “fair treatment.” They only want one thing: the destruction of Christianity. The total elimination of it in public.

Why do I say that? Witness the photo below snapped at the March 6th “I Am A Muslim Too” rally held at Times Square, New York, organized by rap music mogul Russell Simmons.

This is a stark contradiction in terms, is it not? Atheists are spending every waking minute telling anyone that will listen that religion is the root of all evil — and by that they mean Christianity — yet here they are helping to support Islam at an “interfaith” rally?

How does that track? How does it make any sense at all?

Isn’t Islam just as “dangerous” to the world as Christianity in these Atheist’s minds? It has to be for them to be consistent.

Yet, again. Here they are. Supporting a religion.

Ah, but what is the main difference here? Isn’t it obvious? Islam is the PC favored ideology, the one the far left has invested its energies into protecting and militant atheists have joined the left’s gambit in the hopes that Christianity can be further undermined. Because, after all, militant atheists have only one enemy: Christianity.

So, in the final analysis, there is no contradiction in militant atheists supporting religious Muslims. After all, religion is not their target, Christianity is. After all the only conclusions we can draw from this is that militant atheists are either blatant hypocrites or simply trying to hide their true purpose.

(Thanks to NoMosquesAtGroundZero for the photo)


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  • You are lumping atheists into a single mono-cultural group - it is almost as bad as assuming all christians believe the same thing, except in this instance the only belief you can count on from us is that god does not exist.

    Same Harris gives and excellent description of what I think about the issue:

  • Atheists are opposed to all religions invading our government, diverting billions of out taxpayer dollars to fund their advancement, and forcing us to obey their absurd dogmas and irrational beliefs. I know virtually all the atheist groups in the US and none is in support of Islam, Christianity or Judaism. Get out of our government, get your hands out of our pockets, get out of our bedrooms and get off our reproductive organs.

  • This article is just ridiculous. I'm sure there were atheists supporting the Muslim center's right to be near ground zero because you can't discriminate like that. See, that's one of many differences between most atheists and most Christians in the US, even though atheists don't like something, we don't ignore our constitution in order to censor or ban that thing. Most Christians won't hesitate to ignore the constitution. So do atheists like Islam? Of course not, because all religions are irrational indulgences, but you can't ban personal indulgences like smoking or drinking. It's only when your personal indulgence imposes on others that the indulger(s) need to be dealt with, like with second hand smoke, drunk driving or denying equal rights because your holy book says so for instance.

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