Another Unhinged Wisconsin Teacher's Obscene Hatred Forced on the Kids

-By Warner Todd Huston

UPDATED: Teacher sends his hate down the memory hole, deletes blogs

Racine middle school teacher Jack Senzig is exactly the sort of person that makes all Wisconsin teachers look bad. His selfishness and hatred is so palpable that it seems his very existence is now dedicated to disgorging it all upon his family, friends, and, worse, his students. In fact, his hatred for everyone that disagrees with him has gotten so bad that he cannot resist forcing images of torture, murder, and evisceration onto his students.

This cretin has major issues, folks, and he’s a teacher of children. Thanks to Real Debate Wisconsin we find the disgusting imagery that this “teacher” is disgorging on the various websites he operates, sites that his students and friends visit.

In one disturbing image, Senzig features nude men and women being tortured and murdered, in another his has photoshopped entrails being spilled from a map of Wisconsin. The caption on the first is just as disturbing as the torture porn Senzig displays: “Hide your kids, hide your wife, Walker’s rapin’ everyone in Wisconsin.”

Sorry, Senzig but the only figurative “rapin'” going on in Wisconsin is that of the unions enriching themselves out of the pockets of Wisconsin’s working poor and middle classes who are footing the bill for your lavish lifestyle, pal.

Senzig is so filled with rage about the supposed plight of his union that he boldly announced to his music students that he was dumping them for a week so he can go complain about making more money than the average Wisconsinite. On his choir blog, the blog where his kids and their parents go to see what is in store for them in music, he told them that he was ditching them for a week.

That’s right, Senzig has shockingly told his students that his greed is far more important than their education. Senzig’s generous benefits and those of his government employee pals are more important than these poor 7 to 11-year-old kids.

Then, a few days later this gem of a fellow told his students that their music tour was canceled because he was so upset about possibly losing his golden goose union contract.

One wonders why this hothead didn’t thank all the parents of his disappointed kids for paying his rich salary and lavish benefits? After all, the parents are paying his salary. Unfortunately, for the average Wisconsin citizen those same parents just might be making far less than their recalcitrant music teacher. One also wonders how anyone could support a man like this filled with so much bile and hatred being allowed around kids!

This is the vitriol and hatred that unions drive people to, folks. Disgusting, isn’t it?

Now, I wonder if teacher Jack Senzig was one of those caring teachers calling everyone that disagrees with him “Hitler”? I bet he was.

UPDATED: Teacher sends his hate down the memory hole, deletes blogs

Check out Real Debate Wisconsin for more on this disturbed sicko.
UPDATED: Teacher sends his hate down the memory hole, deletes blogs

Looks like this so-called teacher has been embarrassed by his untrammeled hatred and has deleted his obscene blogs. Another lefty tries to hide his culpability by pretending it never happened. Maggie Thurber said she made some screen shots. I will update again if we can get them online.

**Update #2**

For now you can see a cached page of teacher Senzig’s notorious blog HERE.

If you want to see two screen shots of the page, click HERE and HERE.

Through the work of Brian Garst we’ve discovered that public records show that Senzig pulled down a salary of $54,254 and benefits of $41,451 in 2010. Far more than the even the median income that a citizen in Wisconsin makes ($52,103 annually).

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