American Majority Activist/Candidate Training

-By Warner Todd Huston

I just got back from sitting on the new media discussion panel at the American Majority Candidate Training session held in Palatine, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago.

On the panel we discussed things such as how candidates should approach the new and old media alike, how should candidates handle interviews, and should candidates stop issuing press releases (no, would be the answer to that last one, there).

On the panel with me was Keith Liscio, Fran Eaton of Illinois Review, and acting as emcee for the panel was Collin Colbert of Cor Strategies.

Left to Right: Warner Todd Huston, Kieth Liscio, Fran Eaton, and Collin Colbert

American Majority runs candidate and activist training sessions all across the United States and they really do a great job at it. If one is in your area, be sure and catch it.

Upcoming American Majority Activist Training Sessions:

The event was co-sponsored by the Illinois chapter of Americans for Prosperity.

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