Seen at the Illinois Reagan Dinner...

-By Warner Todd Huston

I just got home from the Illinois GOP Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday dinner and before I turn info the night I wanted to give a quick account of some of the folks I ran into this evening.

Seen tonight was 6th District Representative Peter Roskam, the Chief Deputy Whip. I also saw Adam Andrzejewski, chief of For The Good of Illinois and former Illinois Gubernatorial candidate, John Garrido candidate for 45th Ward Alderman, Dave Dierson of the famous GOPUSA daily email report, former candidate for Attny General Steve Kim, former 59th District candidate Dan Sugrue, activist John Bambeneck, John Tillman and the folks from the Illinois Policy Institute, Fran Eaton and the folks at the United Republican Fund as well as Illinois Review and many others (as I remember more, I’ll add them later).

A few old blogger friends were also in attendance…

From left to right: Paul Miller, Myself, John Ruberry of MarathonPundit, and Paul Mitchell of Thoughts of a Regular Guy

Adam Andrzejewski (center) and John Garrido and his lovely wife

The Speeches

I live Tweeted most of the speeches, but I also got video of them. I’ll see if the video worked out later. For now, check out my Twitter feed and here are some photos…

Newt Gingrich started the ball rolling

Next up was Mike Pence of Indiana

Then former Senator Rick Santorum took to the podium

And next came former UN Ambassador John Bolton

(Above four photos courtesy of Paul Mitchell)

The night wrapped up with State Treasurer Dan Rutherford


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  • Who did you find the most impressive?
    A lot of potential Presidental Candidates. Which was the crowds favorite?

  • In reply to Waldock:

    They were all different. Bolton stuck solely to foreign affairs, so I haven't a clue what he'd say about the economy or social issues. But he commands foreign policy well. Santorum does social issues well and general foreign policy OK. He didn't really touch a whole lot on the economy, though. Also, Santorum tends to go on a bit long. Newt... well, he's Newt! He is a lot more hyperbolic than the others, I think. He's looking for sound bytes, for sure. Pence I love. But he is running for Indiana gov at this point. He's said he won't run for president. I have to reserve who I think hasn't a chance at this point, though. The field is wide open on the GOP side.

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