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Emanuel's First Political Scandal: Hires Ethics Challenged Team Member

Emanuel's First Political Scandal: Hires Ethics Challenged Team Member
-By Warner Todd Huston Rahm Emanuel hasn’t even officially set his first foot in the Mayor’s Office and he’s already had his first political misstep: He hired a transition team member that has ethics problems. Last year Judy Erwin was forced to resign as director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education because she was... Read more »

Beer Tab Economics: How We All Lose With The Tax Code

-By Warner Todd Huston Ten friends decided that they would pay for their bar tab the way they pay their taxes. The first $100 beer tab was paid like this: The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing The fifth would pay $1 The sixth would pay $3 The seventh would pay $7 The... Read more »

Roskam Statement on Short-Term Continuing Resolution

From the office of Congressman Peter Roskam (Ill., 6th District)… WASHINGTON – Rep. Peter Roskam, Chief Deputy Whip, issued the following statement about the short-term Continuing Resolution that would prevent a government shutdown while also cutting $4 billion: “House Republicans are showing once more that we’re fully committed to preventing a government shutdown while also... Read more »

Absurd: Leftists Fool People Into Fearing That Wisconsin Budget Bill is Crafted to Kill People

-By Warner Todd Huston Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute reports on how left-wing radicals are fooling sick people in Wisconsin into imagining that Governor Walker’s budget proposal is meant to kill all sick people. Here is one of those poor people that have been bamboozled into imagining that they are going to be killed by the state... Read more »

VIDEO: Union Thugs Say Gov. Christies Will 'Shoot Them' Like Gadhafi

-By Warner Todd Huston At a rally in New Jersey, we see more teachers that don’t deserve to be allowed near children for their ignorance of history, their wild-eyed hatred, and their outright stupidity. In this video we see “teachers” who don’t feel bad about parading around in the streets while their children are left... Read more »

Living Well on Taxpayer Funds

From the Palatine Tea Party… (Palatine, Illinois) – Do school board members need to travel to national conferences in sunny California, stay in expensive hotels, and eat at high end restaurants in order to be well-educated board members? Dr. Chapman (currently a District 15 School Board member and former District 211 Superintendent) thinks overnight stays... Read more »

Union Admits It Hates Voters And Loves Communist Imagery With Help of Dropkick Murphys Band

-By Warner Todd Huston Proving that there seems to have been a good reason that in many eras of American history the “Irish Need Not Apply,” a bunch of drunken morons calling themselves the Dropkick Murphys have added their off key voices to American union thuggery by writing a protest song that the Service Employees... Read more »

Video: Stop Obama and His Union Bosses!

-By Warner Todd Huston Courtesy of the Republican National Committee… This is exactly right. While every state is drowning in debt, Barack Obama and the billions that unions have spent on him and his Democrat Party is being put toward thwarting the will of the voters and to making the state’s and the federal government’s... Read more »

Most Lawless President Ever: Hiding Lobbyist Meetings, Refusing to Prosecute Laws, Ignoring Duties

-By Warner Todd Huston In 2008 Obama ran for president claiming that he wanted to make Washington more transparent than ever. Obama ran as the law-and-order man, he ran as the anti-lobbyist man, and he ran as the man for all the people, the great centrist that would finally work for the people. He ran... Read more »

Illinois Republicans Donating to... a Democrat?

-By Warner Todd Huston This is why Illinois politics is called “the combine.” It’s because all too often there doesn’t seem to be a whit of a difference between Republicans and Democrats — not always, but all too often. They even donate to each other’s campaigns. has the latest examination of the sort of... Read more »