NY Senator Chuck Schumer Doesn't Know the Three Branches of Government?

-By Warner Todd Huston

My latest little video shows that the honorable moron from New York, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, doesn’t even know the three branches of our federal government. These arrogant cusses have the gal to tell us how to live our lives but they don’t even know how our own government even works??


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  • Do you really think he sincerely doesn't know the three branches of government? He's been elected to the senate for his third term this past election. Sounds like someone is being opportunistic with a gaffe and portraying it as sincere misunderstanding of government.


  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    So, if Sarah Palin or George W. Bush or any Republican had said this you'd be standing up for them and saying it was just a misstatement. Talk about "fail," you got hypocrisy fail written all over you.

    But to answer your question, YES I DO think he doesn't know what the branches of government are. He's a Democrat. They don't CARE what the branches of government are. They just want to push their anti-American, left-wing agenda by any means. This doesn't require learning the facts or the rules. They don't care about them because they change them whenever things get in the way of their agenda.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Wow thanks for getting ahead of me and calling me a hypocrisy fail before I even respond or even how I would respond. Way to save time and assume things.

    Anyways, no I would not stand up for them, I would laugh because for W and Palin it would be one amongst many (almost daily) gaffes. Chuck Schumer has a different viewpoint than you, that doesn't mean that the American people who have three times voted at a two to one margin for this senator are voting for someone who doesn't know how the government works. It reeks of hyperbole....just thought you should know.

    Now a half-term governor plagued with ethics scandals...that's another story.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Just like I thought. As far as you are concerned all your enemies are evil, stupid, and uninformed but when YOUR guy proves to be the same, why it's just a slip, an accident, a silly mishap.

    Yep. Utter hypocrite.

    Now, on the other hand, I CAN say that the left can sometimes just misspeak. For instance, your pal Chris "tingly" Matthews recently said that the Panama canal is in Egypt. I can laugh at that especially since this very week he was accusing others of not knowing what they are talking about.

    But I think he was just speaking too quickly and I DON'T imagine he is too stupid to know that it is the Suez canal that is there, not the Panama canal (which is... well...in Panama, interestingly enough).

    Even though Matthews is a far, hard, left-winger and I otherwise despise the cuss, I am sure that Matthews knows which canal is where.

    Too bad you lefties don't have the grace to say such things about the right.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Two for two, you call me a hypocrite prior to me saying anything hypocritical, then you put words in mouth saying that i think all my enemies are evil, stupid and uninformed. Way to be libelous in your accusations!

    Anyways, Palin, Bush (and Joe Biden for that matter, another gaffe prone politician) are clearly not evil, stupid or uninformed, they just have a tendency to misspeak which makes for a funny sound bite.

    This Chuck Schumer clip would've been and still is a funny clip, but you had to equate it with him being misinformed about his own job.

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