New Tone: After Budget Vote, Wis. Democrat Tells Fellow Rep. 'You Are F***ing Dead'

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Democrat’s “new tone” rolls ever onward… into the ditch. After the latest vote on the Budget Repair Bill last Friday, Democrat State Representative Gordon Hintz (54th District) turned to fellow Representative Michelle Litjens (R, 56th District) and said: “You are F***ing Dead!”

Nice “new tone,” isn’t it? But it fits well with his pals in the teachers unions sporting Walker-is-Hitler signs not to mention how it fits with all the videos of union thugs committing violence against Tea Partiers that we’ve seen over the last week.

This Hintz creep is a piece of work, too. Earlier in February he got swept up in a prostitution ring in Appleton, Wisconsin. According to the Northwestern newspaper of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Hintz was issued a municipal citation for “violating a city sexual misconduct ordinance.”

The Democrat admitted his involvement and claimed that he was “willing to take responsibility for my actions.”

Republican Litjens supports Gov. Walker’s efforts and on Feb. 11 released this statement:

“This is precisely why the voters sent us here. They expect us to balance the budget, end the shell games and take the tough votes.

“We have very hard working state employees in Wisconsin, and this isn’t about punishing them–it’s about getting our state’s fiscal house in order.

“No one loses their pensions or their health care coverage, and no one is being asked to take a cut in wages.

“This is simply asking our employees to contribute 12% to their health insurance, which is still half of the national average, and 5% to their pensions so that we can balance our budget and retain services.”

No news how Rep. Hintz intends to kill Rep. Litjens.

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