Introducing the Village of Palatine's Executive Leadership Program

From the Palatine Tea Party

(Palatine, Illinois) – Introducing the Village of Palatine’s Leadership Program Brought to you by …YOU the Hardworking, Trying to Make Ends Meet, Taxpayer.

The Palatine Tea Party has discovered an Executive Leadership Program available at the Village of Palatine. This benefit program is in addition to standard benefits. The annual cost to the taxpayer is approximately $226,916 for 13 employees as the program is outlined below. Since the Village of Palatine is not transparent with total compensation at an employee level our methodology utilized actual 2009 W2’s wages and annual private sector vehicle costs.

Executive Leadership Program

The Village of Palatine stated, “Employment as an executive leadership employee shall mean a Departmental Director and the position of Deputy Village Manager. The executive leaders of the organization assist the Village manager in administering the Village and are granted administrative authority to lead their department They have a dual role in representing their department and the Village as a whole They must represent the Village to their departments to ensure Village policies are properly carried out.”

Benefits afforded exclusively to Executive Leadership

6% Contribution to IRS 457 Plan

Assignment of Village Vehicle or Auto Allowance

If you have questions regarding this program contact the Village of Palatine, click here.

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