Ill. State Sen. Rickey Hendon Suddenly Resigns

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a surprise move State Senator Rickey R. Hendon of Chicago has announced that he is resigning his 5th District seat at the state capitol. Hendon has held his seat since 1993.

Hendon denies claims that he is resigning over any “federal problems,” but it is interesting that he should resign after information on people tied to him was demanded by a grad jury only last December. The federal grand jury is investigating misuse of Illinois state grants as part of “an official criminal investigation.”

No reports have been made linking Hendon directly to this investigation except in that he is linked to some of those being investigated.

Hendon is also well-known for his incendiary rhetoric. Most recently he said at a church rally that Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady was a racist. Hendon later apologized for the outburst but Brady did not accept the apology. Hendon’s outburst is typical of those he’s uttered during his political career.

Hendon also fostered an abortive campaign for Chicago mayor but was one of the earliest to drop out.

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