Emanuel's First Political Scandal: Hires Ethics Challenged Team Member

Emanuel's First Political Scandal: Hires Ethics Challenged Team Member

-By Warner Todd Huston

Rahm Emanuel hasn’t even officially set his first foot in the Mayor’s Office and he’s already had his first political misstep: He hired a transition team member that has ethics problems.

Last year Judy Erwin was forced to resign as director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education because she was caught using state offices and money to do campaign work for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Erwin was also found to have engaged in campaign fundraising for Obama while she was on the clock for her state job.

The inspector general investigation found that Erwin repeatedly violated the state prohibition on political activity between July 2008 and February 2009 and “co-opted” her staff by involving them in her activities.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Erwin cooperated fully with the investigation into her actions and later resigned agreeing to a $4,000 fine for her actions.

Erwin claims that she never informed Emanuel of her past ethics violations.

In any case, Emanuel has already associated his nascent administration with a woman that readily and repeatedly broke the law.

Nice start, isn’t it?


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  • Seems to be what the Mayor of Chicago needs to get re-elected.

  • I can't believe that this still has legs. If there MUST be blame then the onus was on the transition team member who had to know about their 'issues' and the possibility that those issues wouldn't mesh with the sheen of a brand new administration and they should have politely refused the offering. But what this also tells Rahm and his team is that they have to vet their prospective hires with a fine tooth comb, leave no stone unturned and pull the covers back...all the way. With that said, I still find this humorous at best yet, sadly, also quite predictable. Rahm is at the top now...and it's ALL downhill from here...and we wouldn't want it any other way...let the 'tear down' commence, eh?....[plus, it's the nature of our society...we build up, we tear down]. I also don't imagine that this will be the last 'oops' in the Rahm years [but of course, we're all sooooo perfect, eh?]

  • and this is rahm's fault because?

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    Get a clue, will ya?

  • In reply to ajwmedia:


    This is one of the most unproductive articles I've read recently. "News" provides solutions. This article does nothing to support our new mayor or help solve the problem that you've mentioned.

  • In reply to emailemale:

    "News" does not provide solutions.

    "You" provide solutions.

  • In reply to emailemale:

    Have we heard from CMB yet?

  • In reply to emailemale:

    :-) Nice going Judy We (Americans) should get together & give her a medal of some kind... ;-)

    Anyway, thank you (Judy Erwin) for your service to our country;-)

  • In reply to emailemale:

    "Get a clue, will ya?" It's obvious from your response and your list of recent posts that you are certainly no impartial journalist. I know impartial journalists, impartial journalists are friends of mine - and you're no impartial journalist! You are a dyed-in-the-wool, dedicated right-wing Republican (or worse yet, a tea bagger). Since Republicans - the Party of No - are not part of the solution, they (you) are part of the problem. In one breath, the right-wing fringe says we must be fiscally responsible and make cuts that will hurt. But in the next breath, higher taxes for, and a fair share from - extremely wealthy individuals are stridently refused by the party that drove the fiscal truck in the ditch. YOU get a clue!!

    As far as Rahm Emmanual - he'll fix the situation now that he's aware, and will be much more fiscally responsible to Chicagoans than you Republicans ever would.

  • In reply to danhope:

    Who ever said I was a journalist?? I sure as heck didn't!

    As far as "part of the problem" anyone who votes Democrat IS THE PROBLEM.

    Bye, bye now.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    While I vote republican, I am disappointed that you say "anyone who votes Democrat IS THE PROBLEM". I think we should vote for the person we believe will get the jobs done - the jobs being get our city / state out of debt and create jobs while not robbing Peter to pay Paul (ie tax hikes), and eliminating the corruption we have in Chicago. If I believe a democrat can do that, then I am going to vote for him/her. Obviously in this case, I don't believe Rahm can do that so I would not ever vote for him. I think a better statement would be "anyone who votes for Rahm IS THE PROBLEM."

    In my opinion, extremists on either side of the political spectrum are the problem.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Rahm was the Republican in this election. Take a look at his voting record and policy proposals. He's partly responsible for NAFTA, our watered down healthcare bill, and lets not forget how he feels about the UAW and other unions. He is Chicago's Scott Walker. So, Publius, who you crappin?

  • In reply to ascorzo:

    Rahm... Republican? Nice little dream world you live in, there.

  • In reply to publiusforum:


    The mayor is there to enrich corporations. They issue bonds (borrow money from banks), they hand out contracts (to favored donors/friends/family), and the taxpayers flip the bill (your taxes and parking tickets). Meanwhile our services are diminishing, our infrastructure crumbles, the little guy gets fleeced, via taxes, parking tickets, parking tickets, and more parking tickets. Why would we expect anything to change at city hall. Daley was relatively small time/old school(thank God for small favors).
    Rham on the other hand is expert in the art of "Public Service" for personal gain. Look at the ganstas he rolls with... Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, the Clintons, Obama, Ray LaHood, all the central bankers of the World. Sure some of us will get some scraps, but for those of us who are not willing to enslave ourselves for the benefit of some greedy turd, or worse to be a greedy turd, than life in the city just got a lot more expensive. But hey, at least we might get some more Hollywood pics made here in the city.

  • In reply to emailemale:

    And that goes for Rahm Emanuel, too...

  • In reply to emailemale:

    Interesting idea that

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    Because he hired her and is responsible for his poor choices.

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    I thought you would be happy to have another Republican in the mayor's office to keep working for those big corporations and real estate developers.

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    What a crying shame.
    And after we all voted for Rahm...many of us twice.
    Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum Tenants Association.

    "At Rosehill Cemetery, we've been delivering the vote since 1859!"

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