Chico's New TV Ad: 'Voters, pay the Rahm Tax'

From the Gery Chico for Chicago Mayor campaign…

(CHICAGO) Mayoral candidate Gery Chico began airing a new TV ad today warning Chicagoans about the Rahm Tax, Rahm Emanuel’s latest scheme to raise taxes on a whole new range of services that working families depend on every day.

The new ad was produced by SP Media Group, located in Chicago.


VO: The Rahm tax would be the largest sales tax in the city’s history..

Rahm’s tax would hit families on everything including pet care, to car repair to taxi cabs to bowling alleys.

Bowler: Attention bowlers… Pay the Rahm Tax.

Gery: This is crazy. This tax is going to hit families when they don’t have one more ounce to give. They can’t take one more brick on their back. And that’s what this tax is.

VO: If you thought the Stroger Sales Tax was a Killer – You’ll hate the Rahm Tax

Cab Driver: Pay the Rahm tax!


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  • More loudmouth Chico stoking fears instead of talking about his own plans for tax reform.

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