Will Governor Quinn's Inaugural Dance Be With the Trial Lawyers?

From the Illinois Civil Justice League…

Email Gov. Quinn Today to Demand Lawsuit Reform in 2011

Gov. Pat Quinn’s inauguration this week will be the highlight of Springfield’s new governing year, but many Illinois residents are left asking if much will change.

Especially when it comes to Illinois’ abusive lawsuit climate. As Gov. Quinn takes to the dance floor to celebrate, Illinoisans across the state are still under the cloak of an unjust legal system, and many wonder — will Gov. Quinn’s first dance be with the trial lawyers?

Click here right now to email Gov. Quinn to demand that he fight for meaningful lawsuit reforms in 2011.

For far too long, Illinois’ lawsuit climate has been a drain on our state’s reputation, and our economy.

2010 wasn’t any different. Four Illinois counties — Cook, Madison, St. Clair and McLean — received dishonorable mention in last year’s 2010 Judicial Hellholes Report, exposing their legal systems as being stacked in favor of the trial lawyers and allowing rampant lawsuit abuse.

It’s time Gov. Quinn act to change this trend before our justice system is beyond repair.

This problem doesn’t only affect our courtrooms; it affects our economy on a state and local level. The climate may attract trial lawyers and lawsuits — but it repels jobs and businesses from calling the Prairie State home.

A recent survey by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform found that the great majority of employers consider a state’s lawsuit climate to be an important factor in deciding where to locate or do business.

This means businesses aren’t only staying away, they’re fleeing to safe havens — and I don’t blame them.

Illinois needs new jobs, not a bigger breeding ground for predatory lawsuits and litigation anarchy. It is now in Gov. Quinn’s hands to enact reforms to our justice system that can attract jobs and business back to Illinois.

Please Urge Gov. Quinn to make changes to our civil justice system. It’s the first step to turning Illinois back to the prosperity it once enjoyed.

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