Want Proof That Our Legislature is too Often Filled With Idiots?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Chicago Tribune had one of those ubiquitous year-end pieces to inform us about how some thing or another ended up as the year came to a close. On Dec. 30 the Trib gave us a little round up of some of the really stupid, useless, pointless new laws that our wonderful state representatives in Springfield worked so hard to give to us in 2010.

As the Trib notes, our state budget is in practical bankruptcy and while our stalwart politicians have failed to do a single thing about it, they haven’t been completely idle. Oh, no. They’ve been very busy with the important work of the state. Yes, they’ve been diligently working for you and me, don’t you know? They have been hard at work passing those most important laws, new rules that will surely make all our lives better.

As our state is sinking beneath a sea of red ink, our state pols have been doing such important work as making sure that pet owners will get more information on animal care from the state and at the expense of the taxpayers. They have also made a law against synthetic marijuana, oh, and we now have that really, really important new law that forces people that braid hair to get a state license to allow them to do so. Yeah, that one was important.

So, while this state is about to collapse all around us, our state legislature was making sure that stores can’t sell cigarette lighters in the shape of little guns or tubes of lipstick, and now people that want to be sports agents will have to register with the state.

I’m so glad that our state legislators have been working so hard for us. Aren’t you?


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  • A strong work ethic doesn't seem to pay in the General Assembly.

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