URF to Primary Illinois Republican Legislators That Vote for Tax Increase

From the URF…

WINFIELD, IL – The United Republican Fund (URF) has announced that they will aid in the recruiting and support of primary challengers to any Republican member of the Illinois General Assembly that votes in favor of raising taxes during this lame duck session.

“The problem is not a lack of revenue,” said Mike Uremovich, President of the URF. “The problem is spending, which the Governor and Legislature continue to increase.” According to the non-partisan Illinois Policy Institute, real spending by the Illinois General Assembly rose more than 26% between 2000 and 2009 after adjusting for inflation. “We don’t need to raise taxes; we need to cut spending from a budget that has exploded. Raising taxes as this state struggles to come out of a recession is economic suicide.”

Democratic members of the General Assembly have proposed raising the personal income tax by 75% and the corporate tax rate by 49%, giving Illinois the highest combined corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation. The tax package is being supported by Governor Quinn, Speaker of the House Madigan, and Senate President Cullerton.

“The URF is opposed to tax increases in any amount, and we will help to primary any Republican legislator that supports an increase in taxes over cuts in spending. If we fail to stop these tax increases, the cost to Illinois families and businesses will be devastating.”

About The United Republican Fund:

The United Republican Fund is Illinois’ oldest independent, Republican organization. Founded in 1934, the URF’s mission is to advance conservative Republican principles, policies, and people by equipping and electing to office men and women who endorse and promote the Republican values of limited and ethical government, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets, and traditional American values.

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