Reagan and Obama - NO COMPARISON

-By Warner Todd Huston

A lot of left-leaning Old Media types are trying desperately to pump Barack Obama up into the new Ronald Reagan. But, if anyone takes the time to really compare the two, Obama seems far more like the anti-Reagan than a Reagan redux.

Ronald Reagan was a truly great American President. Barack Obama is simply the second Carter and no better… he may be worse, but we won’t know that for sure until his finally leaves office.


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  • Please read a little history..
    Reagan raised taxes. How can anyone with your echo chamber politics believe " a truly great American" would do something like that?
    Please remember that watching Fox News make you less informed than someone that doesn't watch the news at all

  • In reply to Salrock:

    Dear, dear reader... please remember that speaking in tropes and left-wing talking points as you did makes you less....

  • In reply to Salrock:

    Oh, come on man, is that the best you can come back with?
    You got nothing. Very weak.

  • In reply to Salrock:

    You come here with decades old, bland, uninformed, left-wing talking points and I am the one that's got nothing? Try again, dipwad.

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