Chico supporters: Vote now to stop Rahm Tax later

From the Gery Chico for Chicago Mayor campaign…

Former Emanuel opponent endorses Chico: “He’s a proven leader who never lost touch with the community”

(CHICAGO) With early voting set to begin tomorrow, mayoral candidate Gery Chico joined community leaders and elected officials to rally Chicagoans to vote now to stop the Rahm Tax later. Chico supporters who attended the gathering in Eckhart Park included Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward), Ald. Joe Moreno (1st Ward), Rev. B. Herbert Martin, LGBT advocate Rick Garcia, local police and firefighters and former Rahm Emanuel opponent and respected community activist Nancy Kaszak. Kaszak, a northside leader in the Polish community, called Chico a proven leader who never lost touch with the community.

“Gery Chico is clearly the most eminently qualified candidate to lead this city,” Nancy Kaszak said. “But most importantly, Gery never lost touch with the community and the people he served in public life. Every time Gery accomplished big things for Chicagoans, he always made the community part of the process and this distinguishes him from his opponents.”

Ald. Burke said Chico is the kind of person Chicago needs to tackle the city’s daunting challenges.

“Not a single person in this race knows how to accomplish solutions, get along with people and serve the people of Chicago like Gery Chico,” Ald. Burke said.

Chico and his supporters expressed strong opposition to the Rahm Tax, a recent tax hike proposed by Rahm Emanuel that could raise taxes on everyday services, including things families rely on a daily basis like, taxi cabs, car repair, home repairs, plumbing, laundry, bowling and movie tickets. The Rahm Tax would also hurt small businesses and kill jobs by creating a massive new burden on employers.

“We are asking every Chicagoan to vote now to stop the Rahm Tax later,” Chico said. “In 23 days, we will have a chance to take Chicago in a new direction. If I’m privileged to serve as your next mayor, my focus will be on creating jobs – not creating new taxes.”

Chico’s momentum and coalition of support is growing every day. Throughout his public service career, Chico has built coalitions across racial and ethnic lines to achieve big goals, from reforming Chicago Public Schools to building parks, soccer fields and field houses across the city to provide more recreational opportunities for children.

Also attending today and supporting Gery Chico are state representatives Mike Zalewski (D-21st) and Eddie Acevedo (D-2nd), state Sen. Tony Munoz (D-1st), president of the Chicago firefighters union Tom Ryan, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Mark Donahue, former Cook Co. Commissioner Mario Moreno, former Ald. Billy Ocasio, former state Sen. Walter Dudycz, president of Latin American Police Association Michael Chuchro, and president of the Cook Co. Crime Commission Peter Cleary.

Early voting begins Monday, Jan. 31 and ends Thursday, Feb. 17. For more information, please visit


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  • Selective taxes encourage kickbacks to Rahm, creates tax evasion opportunities, decreases disposable income to Chicagoans, and benefits large businesses with tax loop-hole opportunities. Keep schoolin' him on Economics 101 :) Chico

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