Chicago Sun-Times Giddy for Giant Illinois Tax Hike

-By Warner Todd Huston

Dear Chicago Sun-Times readers,

Your paper of wreck-ord wants you to know that it is pleased as punch that your Illinois state legislature is ripping you off, bleeding you for over 60% more in income tax. The Sun-Times is giddy that your dwindling salaries are to be raided even further by profligate government.

The Sun-Times editorial department placed its fingers, trembling with joy, to a keyboard to celebrate their glee. They are “cheering for a tax hike,” they admit. They are “embracing” the raising of the income and corporate income tax. The Sun-Times is slobbering all over itself that “Wednesday’s tax hike marked an important victory…”

So, if you got a raise this year, guess what? The Chicago Sun-Times is happy that your state government is going to steal it away from you with a massive tax hike.

So, if you got your salary cut this or last year, the Chicago Sun-Times is orgasmic that you will lose even more of your family’s vital sustenance to the government.

So, if your company is on the verge of fiscal collapse due to this bad economy, the Chicago Sun-Times is happy to note that your company will face even harder economic times with a massive corporate tax hike, silly over the fact that your jobs are put further at risk.

That’s right Illinois. The Chicago Sun-Times couldn’t be happier that you, the voters and citizens of Illinois, are going to lose more money than ever to a state legislature that wastes money hand over fist and refuses to cut back on its wild spending and union kickbacks and payoffs.

But remember Sun-Times readers. The Chicago Sun-Times is looking out or your interests.


Perhaps, though, there is one place where Chicagoans can save some money. That would be by NOT buying the Chicago Sun-Times.


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  • And that is exactly why I canceled by subscription to the Times and the Herald News this morning. Bye Bye.......

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