Chicago: Dumped Mayor Candidate Gets Injunction to Stop Ballot Printing

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here is an interesting little story in the Chicago Mayor race, one it seems that the Old Media is ignoring. It involves a candidate who was improperly thrown off the ballot getting awarded an injunction to stop the printing of the election ballots.

In December Chicago businessman Tom Hanson was kicked off the ballot by election officials because they claimed he never filed his Statement of Economic Interest. Hanson, however, has the receipt for that filing and the clerk that took his filing also claims she filed it. Apparently the filing was “lost.”

In Chicago, a lot of things that Democrats don’t like seem to get “lost.”

Hanson is a Chicago businessman and heads Hanson Commercial Real Estate company. He is also on the board of directors for numerous not-for-profit foundations that help inner city school children. Hanson ran against Rahm Emanuel for Congress in 2008.

Now a court has agreed that the printing of the election ballots should be halted until his filing can be cleared up and his status as a candidate can be properly decided.

Visit for more info on the candidate.

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