A Union Thug Emails Me

-By Warner Todd Huston

Usually when union thugs email me the content it not suitable for a general audience as their missives are so filled with venom and foul language. But I just got one that I can safely post for all ages.

Now, I am also quite pleased with my reply, so I am posting that as well.

Union thug Mr. sbandos writes:

Its always been my observation of people who are against labor unions as much as you are , are usually people who never had to put in a good day of hard labor in their life.

Of course, sbandos is an idiot. I suppose this union thug assumes I am some rich dude that never had to work for my country club life and my trust fund. My bank account would beg to differ and so would my first two kids that hardly ever saw me until they were older for the over time I was putting in just trying to pay the bills. But, hey, union thugs don’t need facts. They have their thuggery to warm their tiny brains.

I really liked my response, though. Here it is:

It’s always been my observation that people who are for labor unions as much as you are, are usually people that once put in a good day of hard labor and got in a union so that they’d never have to do it again.

Sometimes I kill me.

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