Sen. GOP Minority Leader McConnell's Remarks After Sen, Reid Pulled Omniporkulus Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston

After Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid decided he’d better put off a vote on the pork-stuff Omnibus Spending Bill, Senator GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had a few words to say about the situation on the floor of the Senate.

“And so what we ended up with, Mr. President, was this, this almost 2,000-page omnibus appropriation bill which we only got, it was yesterday? Yesterday. And so the point here is the work that the Appropriations Committee did in many respects was squandered because the full Senate didn’t do its job. And this is precisely the kind of thing the American people have gotten tired of. And so I think the message we ought to take out of this is that next year we’re going to listen to the American people, we’re going to do our work, do it in a timely fashion.”

“I don’t agree with the priorities we’ve had here in the Senate about what things are important. And as a result of not doing the basic work of government, here we are at the end struggling with this issue.”

“Now, there’s only one reason why cloture is not being filed and the Majority Leader, to his credit, already said it — he doesn’t have the votes. And the reason he doesn’t have the votes is because members on this side of the aisle increasingly felt concerned about the way we do business.”

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