Rham's Little Spy

-By Warner Todd Huston

Walter Jacobson of Channel 2 News reports that Rahm Emanuel sent a spy to one of his opponent’s events. Gery Chico had a community meeting with various representatives of the community in attendance but one fellow was loathe to be fully identified as the rest were. Turns out he was a spy for Emanuel.

Chico held a meeting for community leaders to talk issues. One by one they introduced themselves and identified the community groups they represent.

All except for one man who said only that his name is Jim, and that he was there to observe and learn.

That seemed odd, so Jim was watched and seen tape recording the meeting.

When asked about it, he admitted it was not quite true he was there to observe and learn — but to record the meeting for Rahm Emanuel.

And there you go. Just another example of Chicago-style politics.


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  • Chico should be glad anyone is still listening to him given his proclivity to obsessing over irrelevant issues like where Emanuel's kids go to school.

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