Rep-Elect Joe Walsh Comments on Importation of Guantanamo Bay Terrorists to Illinois

From the office of Congressman-Elect Joe Walsh (8th District)…

Today Rep.-elect Joe Walsh made the following statement regarding the Obama Administration’s plans to import Guantanamo Bay terrorists to Illinois:

“It is imperative that terrorists from Guantanamo Bay not be brought to Illinois. Such action would pose a grave national security threat and create unnecessary challenges in the war against Al Qaeda. As the only member from Illinois serving on the Committee on Homeland Security, I will make this one of my top priorities on the committee.”

“President Obama made a major mistake ordering the closure of Guantanamo as one of his first acts upon taking office. He compounded the problem even further when he made the decision to bring these terrorists to Illinois without considering the homeland security ramifications of his actions.

“I have already spoken with Chairman-elect Peter King (R-NY) who has assured me the Committee will address the importation of Guantanamo terrorists to the United States in the 112thCongress.”

“I look forward to working with Chairman-elect King in the 112thCongress to protect our Nation against attack and ensure the safety of the people of Illinois.”

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