Rahm Says He's a Chicago Resident, But Filed 2009 Taxes as Non-Resident

-By Warner Todd Huston

Not only did Rahm Emanuel file his 2009 taxes returns as a non-resident of the City of Chicago, but once people began questioning his Chicago residency and biloxing up his run for the Mayor’s office, he quietly went back and amended his taxes to say he was a resident.

If that doesn’t seem like an admission that he wasn’t a real citizen, what is? According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, Emanuel filed his 2009 tax returns as a “part-year resident” of Illinois instead of a full-time resident as he had moved to Washington to take Obama’s offer of becoming his chief of staff.

Yet once people began to question his residency, Emanuel suddenly found it necessary to amend his tax return.

“The original return’s statements regarding part-year residency were not accurate,” Emanuel and his wife wrote in a return filed Nov. 24. “The amended returns make clear that we were full-year residents of Illinois in 2009. …We are also full-year residents of Illinois in 2010.”

The attorney challenging Emanuel’s residency sure saw it as an admission, anyway. Burt Odelson said that Emanuel’s initial filing and then his correction showed that the candidate did not consider himself a Chicago resident.

Whether this will be enough to throw Emanuel off the ballot…. well, I doubt it will suffice, myself. I don’t think anything will get Emanuel off the ballot.

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