Hey, Ill. Republicans: Want to Have a Say in Your Party? We Have chance To Do It

-By Warner Todd Huston

OK, Illinois Republicans, a great opportunity to return the Illinois GOP back to some accountability to YOU is at hand. The Illinois legislature is about to enter its own lame duck session that will run from January 3 to January 11. During this session we have a chance to get a law passed that has quite a lot of support. It is a law that will return the Illinois GOP’s planning committee to your hands via direct elections of its members.

We’ve talked about SB600 many times in the past, of course. This bill would change the way the Illinois State GOP fills the seats on its state central committee, the group responsible for planning the way the state party operates, arrives at its goals, and its assembles its policies. Currently central committee members are placed on the committee by a vote of the Republican ward chiefs, township bosses and committeemen throughout the state. SB600 would change that to provide for the actual voters to elect central committee members instead of allowing the party insiders to appoint them.

But coming in this lame duck session, we have a chance to get this bill passed at long last. Please do contact your representatives in Springfield. If you are not sure of who your rep is, here is a page where you can find him.

If you would like a little history on SB600, check out Doug Ibendahl’s post on the bill. Click HERE.

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