Disgusting: Chicago Firefighter 'Priest' Uses Fellow's Funeral For Union Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston

Father Thomas Mulcrone made an ass of himself at the funeral for fallen Chicago Firefighter Edward Stringer on Tuesday, Dec. 28 by delivering some union-like hectoring of the city from the pulpit during his dead comrade’s eulogy. Mulcrone’s union-centric address was as disgusting a display as I can imagine and at the most inappropriate time imaginable.

Sadly Stringer, a 12-year veteran Chicago Fireman, perished in a fire a few days before Christmas when a roof of an abandoned building collapsed on him and several other firemen. One other fireman, Corey Ankum, was also killed that terrible day. At the funeral on Tuesday morning, Father Mulcrone, a Catholic Priest attached to the Chicago Fire Department for some 25 years, launched into some finger waving at all those people who claim that Firemen don’t deserve the money they make.

“I would challenge those people this morning to look at Ed’s casket, to look on Corey’s casket on Thursday and I would ask them how much is too much… for this sort of devotion?”

What an inappropriate time to launch into this sort of union hectoring of those people looking to balance the city’s budget!

First of all, few people say that firemen make too much money. What they are saying however, is that the bloated pensions of public employees are breaking the bank and killing every city in America, not just Chicago. Also, no one is saying that just Chicago firefighters should have their lavish retirement benefits cut. People are saying that all public employees are making too much and at too early an age. No one is singling out firemen.

Secondly, does any fireman, policeman or soldier go into their jobs blindly ignorant that they might lose their lives in the course of their duties? I don’t see how they could. Risking life and limb is part of the job for firemen and neither Stringer nor Ankum were unaware of the risks.

In the end this was a disgusting display of union-like hectoring and at a funeral yet. This Father Mulcrone should be ashamed of himself for bringing politics into such a solemn occasion.

Then again, union flacks have no shame, do they?


By the way, all the threatening letters, curse filled missives, and hate-filled notes from all you wonderful, wonderful “Father” Mulcrone supporters are just what I would have expected to receive from lapsed Catholic, union thugs. Thanks for proving me right. Further your misspelled rants are just the sort of hate I’d expect from supporters of a guy that would use a firefighter’s funeral to make a union speech.

There seems to be a bit of confusion by you distempered union thugs abut what I am saying, so let me be clear here. I despise your union and think it should be made illegal. But it isn’t just yours I am against. I think every public employee union should be eliminated and made illegal like they were before 1958. You people are one of the reasons why government is over spent, unresponsive, anti-democratic, un-American, and dangerous to the best interests of good governance. The fact is that public employee unions are antithetical to good government and all of them should be eliminated. All – of – them.

Our police and firemen deserve a good wage, one fair for what they do. They should also be taken care of if they are injured in the line of duty or fall in that work. But they are NO DIFFERENT than anyone else in the normal course of life. If you don’t like the danger of your job, get a job at McDonald’s.

Now, don’t waste any more of your time disgorging your bile at me in my email box. Your badly written, uninformed blather will just be deleted. I really couldn’t care less what union thugs like you think. After all, you don’t know a thing about me so spare me your idiotic pop psychology and stupid assumptions. You really are making yourself look moronic with your sad attempts to sound intelligent not to mention making yourself look like childish with your threats and fourth-grade writing skills.

Thanks for reading. Ta ta, now.


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  • Father Mulcrone- ""In the last few months there have been some, some lawmakers, editorial board writers, pundits who have remarked that perhaps firefighters and paramedics and police officers make too much money and are overly compensated. I would challenge those people this morning to look at Ed's casket and to look on Corey's casket on Thursday and I would ask them, how much is too much? What price do you put on this sort of devotion? Shame on those who place the burden of a fiscal crisis or poor policy on the backs of these brave men and women."

    Whats not being discussed in the press or the corporately backed PACS is that the city of Chicago has not been funding these pensions at levels they are obligated to by state pension laws for many years. This goes back to good economic times. Instead money was used for wrought iron fencing,millenium park, disreputable trucking contracts, insider investing, 2016 olympic fiasco,brass bill,parking meter sale, etc. This is the "poor policy" he is referring to which it seems is being swept under the rug and not discussed. The Firefighters/Police Officers have more than kept up with our end of the bargain, the city of Chicago should keep up with theirs.

  • In reply to CFDCAPTAIN:

    That may all be true... but the point of my post was to ask if this conversation should be held at the pulpit in the middle of a funereal!? I think it is highly inappropriate and a "Father" should know better.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    When I hear Edward Stringer's relatives voice that concern I will agree with you, but until then..... they, Father Mulcrone and the CPD are all part of "our" family and we continue to support each other.

  • In reply to CFDCAPTAIN:

    Oh, brother, what nonsense. So, if someone doesn't mind if their family member is, say, murdered, then murder is OK by you? Does the word "principles" mean anything to you?

  • In reply to CFDCAPTAIN:

    You have no clue, Father Mulcrone is not a member of the union. He was not standing up for the union. He was standing up for whats right. The City is the one who agreed how much our pensions would pay us on retirement. For years the city has been spending the money meant for our pensions like a drunken sailor. How many of the mllions wasted on the hired truck scandal was meant for our pension? How much of the millions pissed away to pay for lawsuits due to incompetant political hiring was meant for our pensions? How many of the millions wasted on rigged contracts was meant for our pensions? The FACT is the city spent the money promised to us and now they want to change the rules in the middle of the game. Thats not going to happen. Its funny how they always want to try and reduce our manning but never mention cutting the number of aldermen or consolidating redundant city departments. They also never mention cutting or reforming their lucrative pensions.

    To get back to your original point... YES Ed's funeral was the perfect place to bring that up. Ed wouldnt have wanted it any other way.

  • In reply to kdubz:

    I "haven't a clue"? You make yourself a moron with your first words. You don't know me from Adam so you don't know what I have "a clue" about or don't. You don't know what my history is, you don't know what my argument is, you ASSume a lot about me, but you know nothing.

    And now you are talking for a dead man? Nice.

    You union thugs take the cake.

  • In reply to kdubz:

    Your conservative ideology is blinding you towards your hate for unions. If it wasn't for public safety unions fighting for safety issues, we would be attending many more funerals of police and fire fighters. And as an intellegent educated person, surely you know people of the cloth, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim are socialist leaning. Just like Jesus, Mohammed and Abraham . Jesus was a union guy.

  • In reply to DavidFF:

    Ya know.... yer right. Jesus WAS a union guy. Why many is the time I read where Jesus blockaded people from going to work, beat up people that opposed him, embezzled dues money, murdered rivals, and used all sorts of violence against detractors. Yeah. Jesus was totally a union guy.

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