Coalition of Hispanics Against the DREAM Act Rally in Washington

-By Warner Todd Huston

On the steps of the Cannon Building in D.C. a group of Hispanic leaders gathered to express their opposition to the Democrat’s Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010, the DREAM act.

As this coalition explained it, “The DREAM Act would provide certain minors who are illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they attend college for two years or join the military. There are an estimated 12-20 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Proponents and Democratic leaders have pushed hard for the bill’s passage and a House vote is expected later this week.”

According to congressional statements and the Migration Policy Institute, if passed, the bill could potentially grant amnesty to as many as 2.1 million illegal immigrants. With unemployment officially at 9.8% this is a huge mistake. “I think progressives and conservatives alike can agree on the need to support working and middle-class citizens during a depressed economy,” said Leah Durant, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform. “This bill would provide in-state tuition rates and residency benefits to illegal immigrant students when many Americans are hurting the most. What makes sense is for America’s jobs and tuition benefits to be reserved for people who are legally entitled to compete for them.”

Rosanna Pulido, Chicagoan and one-time candidate for Congress (5th District) was in attendance and said the following:

The Dream Act is not a dream for most Americans. It is a nightmare! It is a nightmare for the millions who are unemployed, it is a nightmare for the many who have waited to gain United States citizenship legally, and it is a nightmare to those who have played by the rules and pay high rates of college tuition.

Where is Senator Durbin’s sense of justice? Is he just playing politics with the aspirations of hard working Americans? Is he playing politics with Martin Luther King, Jr.? American citizenship is too highly valued to be given away to those who break our laws.

I have a dream. It is a dream different from Senator Durbin’s dream. I have a dream that once and for all we will reward those who follow the law in the United States, not break the law. If you have this same dream, you will oppose the Dream Act with me.

News is that Harry Reid is going to call a cloture vote on the DREAM Act today (De. 8th). Be sure and call your senators and tell them that you do NOT want them to vote “yea” on cloture. You can find you senator’s contact information at the Senate Contact Page.


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    Those taxpayers who have had enough, BOMBARD your Senators with your words and your Members of Congress to oppose the DREAM Act Amnesty -- 202-224-3121 NumbersUSA for details. NumbersUSA will inform you of the truth.

    Majority Senate Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois predicts the Dream act will come up for a vote Wednesday. We cannot let Senator Reid and his demagogues lever this badly worded immigration bill in for a vote. With Senator Reid at the helm of his Liberal ship, he cannot be allowed to pass this law--as is? It will cause another Chain Migration avalanche of family members, who eventually will end up on the welfare rolls. This became predominant after first of sixth amnesties that began in 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill.

    There is absolutely no question that in the coming years, student family members will become a further economic encumbrance on the middle class once --Chain Migration--is underway. Hundreds of thousands or even millions will enter America through Chain migration. Eventually the sponsor cannot or will not support the immediate family members. This burden will fall upon this nations public benefit system. Old sponsored family members will become sick and without the subsistence of the original sponsor will end up in the emergency county hospital. Hundreds of hospitals right now are overrun with newcomers on dialysis procedures, costing billions of dollars a year. Sisters entering America through the Chain migration in turn will have their own babies who will collect instant citizenship and the whole vicious cycle will never be closed, as our population will explode as with the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill.This nation cannot afford this monstrosity of a bill, in this fiscal period with America teetering on a 14 Trillion dollar edge of insolvency. This is not just about the US treasury, but almost every State the money reservoir are badly depleted from the illegal alien welfare programs.

    California-the Sanctuary State

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