Batman's Politically Correct European Vacation

-By Warner Todd Huston

Reality isn’t always very fun, granted. Because of that many people turn to comic books for a little escapism. But there’s escapism and PC indoctrination. Sadly, it appears that DC Comic’s Batman is angling for the latter and not the former. You see, Batman has decided to hire a Muslim to “save France.”

First the reality. The country of France is having serious domestic problems between its immigrant Muslim community and those natural-born, European Frenchmen. Immigrants have been rampaging across the country for several years now. Clashes between police and large groups of rioting Muslim youth have wrecked havoc on the Gallic nation. It is woefully common for hundreds of cars to be lit afire in these riots, dozens of arrests to be made, and violence is all too common. It has the country split and frightened.

It has gotten so bad in France that in some parts of its cities, those parts controlled by marauding gangs of Muslim youths, whites never enter for fear of their lives. Not only that but not even police dare enter these areas. This dangerous situation does not seem anywhere near being solved. In fact, it’s just getting worse. Now for the fantasy: enter The Batman.

DC Comics recently launched a series called “Batman Incorporated.” Essentially, Bruce Wayne (well-known as Batman’s alter ego to comics fans) is cruising the world setting up a “Batman” for major cities across the globe. These Batman figures, though, will not be vigilantes. They will be sanctioned by whatever local police force is in charge of the area in which the new Batman is operating. In the case of Detective Comics number 12 (Part one) and Batman Annual number 28 (Part two), Bruce Wayne has come to Paris, France to find a “French savior.”

The story reveals to us a cult-like group that is assassinating France’s fringe political figures. The cult’s goal is to cause unrest and riots to be led by the murdered political figure’s followers. This group hypnotizes its members to kill and then to commit suicide so that the cult cannot be discovered.

First a “popular” French union activist “with ties to the French Communist Party” is murdered. Next the leader of a “break-away Neo-Nazi Party” is killed. Then Batman discovers that a “minor diplomat” from Saudi Arabia is targeted. Batman tries to stop the assassination but is too late.

Batman turns to a man that he helped police arrest earlier in part one. When first encountered the young man was dressed in a skin-tight, black costume and sported a facemask. Batman arrested him when this man tried to involve himself in some rioting. Batman didn’t know the young masked man was actually trying to stop the riot but later learns of his good intentions. Consequently the Dark Knight decides to put this man to work to help stop the cult that is assassinating French political figures and causing riots.

In the course of this story Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, decides that this man should become the French representative of Batman Incorporated. As Wayne styles the man, he’ll be the “French savior.” He ends up calling himself Nightrunner.

So what’s wrong with all this? Only that it is completely absurd and so badly misleads people from any understanding of why riots are really going on in France that it almost qualifies as a crime itself.

You see, DC Comics has decided that the “French savior,” the French Batman is to be a Muslim immigrant. The character’s name is Bilal Asselah and he is an Algerian Sunni Muslim and an immigrant that is physically fit and adept at gymnastic sport Parkour. Apparently Batman couldn’t find any actual Frenchman to be the “French savior.”

The whole situation is a misreading of what ails France. The truth is, neither communist Union members nor “Neo-Nazi” Parties are causing riots in France. Muslims are. Yet DC Comics is absurdly making a Muslim immigrant the “French savior”? This is PCism at its worst. Not only that but it is pretty condescending to France, too. France is a proud nation. Yet DC Comics has made a foreigner the “French savior.” This will not sit well with many Frenchmen, for sure. Nor should it.

As DC told the tale of this character’s origin, it badly downplays the seriousness of the actual racial tension in France. In essence, all you get from the story is that “they hate us, and we hate them.” There is no attempt at all to explain the real underlying problem. The true cause of the riots and violence between Frenchmen of European stock and that of immigrant Muslim stock is glossed over as if it doesn’t even exist. DC Comics makes the whole problem as simplistic as mere racism as if that is all there is to it ignoring the fact that Islam is the single most important factor in the strife.

Unfortunately, readers of Batman will not be helped to understand what troubles are really besetting France. In this age when Muslim youths are terrorizing the entire country, heck in this age of international Muslim terrorism assaulting the whole world, Batman’s readers will be confused by what is really going on in the world. Through it all DC makes a Muslim in France a hero when French Muslims are at the center of some of the worst violence in the country’s recent memory.

It’s PCism run amuck, for sure. But it isn’t surprising for DC, a comic book company that has a character whose creator based it on “corporate greed.” Nor is it surprising in an industry where tea party members are made the enemy of super heroes. For the character based on “corporate greed” look up DC’s Larfleeze character and see the Marvel comic Captain America issue 602 where The Captain makes Tea Partiers into an enemy to America (Marvel later apologized). For that matter, check out the words of the director of the new 2011 Captain America movie who said that his Captain America won’t be a big “flag waver.” Imagine that. Captain America not being that into America.

These few examples aren’t the only ones, either. Among many other instances, last April the venerable Archie Comics announced they were adding a gay character and back in 2007 movie makers announced that they intended to remove all mentions of the U.S. military from G.I. Joe (they later relented to a degree).

It all adds up to a PCing of the American comic book industry that has been going on for far too long.

The “French Batman” With his mother who is praying to Allah

Where We Discover That Leftists are too stupid to Understand English or Formulate a Thought

This story of mine has been the toast of the extreme left over the last few days. Their reaction proves that to be a leftist means to be unable to reason, to read English, or to be able to put an argument into context and make a useful, logical counter argument.

To these idiot leftists, my article here is an example of “racism” and they claim I said that Muslims cannot be superheroes.

They are stupid.

I never said that Muslims cannot be superheroes, I said making the French batman a Muslim is an example of the stupidity of political correctness because Muslims are not “saving” France, they are destroying France.

As to the “racism” charge, these morons seems wholly unable to understand that “Muslim” is not a race, it is an ideology. It is impossible to be a “racist” against Islam because no “race” is exclusively either Muslim or non-Muslim. Every race has Muslims and every race has millions of its members that aren’t Muslims.

Therefore, whether I think Islam is a good idea or not, it is impossible to be a “racist” against Islam.

I feel sorry for these brainless morons we call leftists. It’s amazing that they have enough brain power to remind themselves to draw a breath they are so stupid.


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  • I have now read the above article 5 times and am still not sure how to say this but it sound's like it was written by someone who has little understanding of France or the French at all.
    For a start France is a Republic born on revolution and riots and for you to blame these modern riots on ONLY the Muslim population of France is very naive what about the French lory drivers that riot over the inflated petrol prices or the farmers that set fire to trucks carrying British meat into the country or even the many black africans many very christian that run most of the crime in most of the larger towns in the south of France but let forget them eh and blame all our troubles on the Muslims. Lets face it the French will riot if the day ends in a y and for me this shows how passionate they are about something they belive in.
    Why would the French not take to a so call savior in the fictional Batman story line not being of French stock it has happen in real life history take Napoleon Bonaparte born Ajaccio in Corsica sold to France by Italy which made it a part of the french republic not unlike Algiria where the French Batman comes from this guy the little general grew to be one of Frances greatest leaders and he if classed in today society would be an immigrant or why not take a French Hero of modern time? The French like many accross the globe are madly in love with the game of football (soccer to the guys accoss the pond ) and the beloved captain of there national team was one zinedine zidane born to again Algrian perants another immigrant held as a god to some of the french for a long time. most of the world cup and European championship winning sides came from outside of the country of france and originated from french held country's in Africa again these are classed as immigrants and again they are held in high regard in france.
    I don't class the DC story line as super pc more like fiction following ture life. Can also see why they have not gone into to much depth about the riots and trouble as if they get anything incorret about them this could cause more problems.
    Don't get me wrong I am not French or Muslim I am a young white Christian (ish) Brition that has had a good education (spelling not a strong point lol) that has been to France quite a few times and is a super massive Bat fan.
    Lets try and keep comics as a bit of escapism which they have now evolved into form the propganda days of the 40's and 50's what the hey if DC want French Batman to be muslim what does it matter if the sorry line is good?? Did you write an arcicle about the Bat when DC had the USSR and KGBeast trying to kill Ronny Reagan helped by a Syrian??? I think not did you write a piece when DC had to bring in a black character (lucus fox) as the only black people were the crooks now was that not super pc??? no you wait till they have a story line which has a muslim in it and then try and us it for something it is not.

  • Great comment above full support.

    I do wich people would look at the bigger picture. Muslims are unfortunately being killed all the was Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is a shame to say that they are the ones terrorizing the world when it is their cities facing American and NATO bombs.

  • In reply to objective:

    Well, then. Your comment trying to paint all Muslims a innocents has to rank as one of the most ridiculous ones I've seen for a while.

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