40% of Chicago Public School Teachers Send Own Kids to Private Schools

-By Warner Todd Huston

Liberals love to claim that the public school system is the shining success story of the American political system. And even when the schools break down in effectiveness, liberals double down on their support for them and insist that we spend ever larger chunks of the taxpayer’s money to “fix” them.

Of course, even as liberal politicians constantly extol the virtues of the public schools they are quietly sending their own kids to private schools. These hypocrites don’t seem to mind sending the public’s kids to subpar, failing schools but they’ll be damned that they’ll do so with their own kids.
Apparently it isn’t just politicians that are admitting with their actions that the public schools are a failure, though. The Chicago Tribune had a shocking statistic in a recent report on the hypocrisy of politicians re the public schools.

As recently as 2004, a Thomas B. Fordham Institute study found that 39 percent of CPS teachers sent their own kids to private schools.

So, while Chicago Public School teachers are consistently voting to force destructive union rules on the Chicago Public Schools, those same CPS teachers are sending their own kids to private schools where unions are often less prevalent.

These CPS teachers are double hypocrites. Insisting on enforcing union rules on CP schools while sending their own kids to union-free schools and tacitly admitting that CP schools are so bad that they won’t send their own kids to them.

It looks more everyday that the only way to be a liberal is to be a total hypocrite.

(H/T Newsalert)


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  • Having a teacher in our house gave us an inside track on why not to send our children to a cps school.The ability was never an issue ,it was always the crap that went with the curriculum. I don't care if they spend a million per child and have an ivy league grad in each classroom.When that child goes home all bets are off.Every profession has poor performers but you can't sit there and say every teacher in every classroom in every school in the cps system is poor,the odds are just not there.Lets spread the blame around the way it really should be.Be honest for a change with the assesment.

  • Children in Democrat run cities are becoming an underclass in America.

    What Chicago voters ought to be asking themselves is: "Why after many decades of Democrats in power am I no better off?" It is time for real change in Chicago or it will further deteriorate and devolve until it resembles the economy in Detroit.

    Voters should look at how much better midwest Republican run cities are performing... Less crime, better schools, lower taxes, lower unemployment, and a higher quality of life.

    In Right to Work states 31.8% have a college degree vs. only 24% in states with forced unionization. The percentage growth in real personal income grew 20.9% (2000-2008) in Right to Work states while in forced unionization states personal income only grew 6.5%, according to the Dept. of Labor.

    It is time Chicago and other communities seriously think about what is progress and what is the government becoming a new form of slavery in America. If a person is totally dependent on government handouts, they are enslaved to the whims of what the government decides to provide our citizens. It restricts free people's choices because they don't control their own money. Government handouts and programs are an addiction for many of our citizens, especially in Democrat-run cities like Chicago. Today we are left with hard choices.

    It is going to require a cultural change in which voters recognize their individual responsibility. I urge people to look for new solutions, not a rehash of the same ones that haven't worked for generations. The children of Chicago deserve it.

    Think about it... in every category, Children in Democrat cities like Chicago are becoming the new underclass in America. What does that mean to you? To your children?

    Chicago teachers found a solution... leave the schools.

    You have a better one...

    Vote for a Republican for a real change and a better life.

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