What They're Saying About Rep. Roskam's New Leadership Post

From the Office of Rep. Peter Roskam (R, IL, 6th Distirct)…

Here is what they are saying on the various news outlets about Roskam’s appointment to Chief Deputy Whip. Also, enjoy the mashup video of the Chicago TV coverage below.

Crain’s Chicago Business

“Rep. Peter Roskam was named chief deputy majority whip of the incoming GOP-controlled House on Monday. The Wheaton Republican will rank fourth among House Republican leaders, giving Illinois a voice at the upper levels of the party’s hierarchy.” “Mr. Roskam is positioned to be a go-between with the White House for the House GOP leadership. He and President Barack Obama served together in the Illinois Senate and collaborated in Springfield on issues such as death penalty reform.”

The Daily Herald

“A staunch conservative, he has nonetheless developed a reputation for reaching across the aisle including working with President Obama on death penalty reform while they served together in the state Senate. More recently, at a meeting with the House Republican Conference in January, Obama agreed with Roskam that advancing the South Korea free trade agreement is critical to expanding markets for American manufacturers.”

ABC 7 News

“US Congressman Peter Roskam is adding a new job title to his resume. He is slated to become a republican leader in the newly elected Congress. Roskam is taking the title of chief deputy majority whip so he will be the highest ranking appointed Republican leader. Only Congressman John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy rank higher in leadership.”


“[T]his isn’t Roskam’s first foray into leadership politics. He had a leading role in America Speaking Out, the online grass roots initiative that helped Republicans develop the Pledge to America, the GOP’s agenda document.”

“Republicans will try to position Roskam as a go-between, of sorts, with President Barack Obama. The two served together in the Illinois Senate, and Roskam has sought to remind Washington that the president legislative with Republicans as a young legislator in Springfield.”

The Hill

“Roskam’s elevation to deputy whip could put him on a fast-track for higher leadership positions in the future,” and “Roskam could help the GOP better reach out to President Obama: He served with the president when he was an Illinois state senator and is one of the few House Republicans who has a personal relationship with Obama.”

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