Let's Get SB600 Passed!

Doug Ibendhal wants us all to re-commit to getting SB600 passed. I am a big supporter of the measure, so I certainly agree with him on this.

The Illinois General Assembly goes back in session in Springfield this week (November 16-18).

SB600 passed overwhelmingly in the State Senate last year. We just need House passage and then it’s to the Governor’s desk. Pat Quinn is certain to sign the bill. His reformer talk would be over if he didn’t.

Please take a minute and contact your State Representative, whether Republican or Democrat, and urge passage of SB600.

You’ll find all of the contact information here (then page down).

Note that we’ve put all the email addresses for all of the State Representatives into user friendly blocks (one with all the Democrats and one with all the Republicans). Feel free to copy and paste the addresses into your email and contact all of them at once.

If SB600 doesn’t pass before the new General Assembly is seated in mid-January, then the whole process has to start all over again in the State Senate. Let’s not let that happen.

So far House Minority Leader Tom Cross has gotten his way. He and other GOP bosses have stonewalled SB600 for years. These power hungry Republicans don’t want you to have a voice in your own party. They don’t want accountability in the Illinois Republican Party and they certainly don’t want transparency….

Read the rest at Republican News Watch.


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  • It's nice that neither Doug nor you said what SB600 was about. I suppose I could look it up, but why bother.

  • Google is your friend. I've been reporting on the bill for well over a year. I'm way past explaining what it is with every post.

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