Sam Adams Alliance: New Tea Party Study Released

Tea Party activists and individuals working within traditional conservative political “Establishment” organizations are united on issue priorities, but differ when it comes to their level of enthusiasm, and the Tea Party movement’s ability to accomplish its political goals, according to a new study from Sam Adams Alliance.

The study, Surface Tension: Tea Parties and the Political Establishment, also found:

  • 40 percent of Establishment conservatives identify as Tea Partiers.
  • When judging the political landscape today compared to 20 years ago, 59 percent of Establishment respondents say it is worse today; 84 percent of Tea Party activists say it is worse today.
  • The Tea Party’s favorite for President in 2012 is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, while the Establishment’s top pick is Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.
  • 42 percent of the Tea Party activists “completely disagreed” with the Establishment’s reaction to Tea Party victories in the 2010 primaries; 25 percent of Establishment activists also disagreed.

Read THE FULL REPORT, or read the press release.

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