Representative Shakowski Again Refusing to Answer Simple Questions

-By Warner Todd Huston

Rep. Jan Schakowski has refused over and over to answer the simple question about just where in the Constitution Obamacare’s insurance mandates appear. What part of our nation’s governing document justifies Congress forcing Americans to buy something? Shakowski consistently refuses to answer this seminal question.

John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit once again asked these questions of Rep. Shakowski and, once again, she refused to answer.

Notice how these were not screamed questions, not raucous, right-wing attack dogs here? These videographers comported themselves professionally, did not name call, and asked their questions in a respectful tone. Yet Rep. Shakowski still refused to answer.

It’s time to get rid of this odious, leftist, monstrosity. Vote Joel Pollak in the 9th District!

Go over to Ruberry’s post and see more of the great points he brings up about this most left wing of all members of the House of Representatives.

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