Reason #8 to Vote Out Phil Hare

From the Schilling for Congress campaign (17th District)…

Reason #8: Phil Hare’s campaign is based on falsehoods

EAST MOLINE, IL–The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the eighth reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series focuses on Phil Hare’s record and explains why he does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #8 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: Phil Hare’s campaign is based on falsehoods. In a desperate attempt to avoid discussing his failed record, Phil Hare has focused his campaign’s message on attacking Bobby Schilling. He has released several advertisements that flat out lie about Schilling.

Four lies frequently told by Phil Hare:

Lie #1: Phil Hare says: “Schilling signed a pledge to protect tax breaks for corporations that send our jobs overseas.”

This is blatantly false. The Hare campaign cites the pledge Bobby Schilling signed with Americans for Tax Reform promising to oppose any tax increases. and the AP have already debunked this claim. Nevertheless, Hare continues to tell known falsehoods hoping to mislead voters.

Lie #2: Phil Hare says: “Schilling will raise payroll taxes on Medicare and Social Security.”

While the Hare campaign misuses the Americans for Tax Reform pledge in Lie #1, they conveniently ignore it in Lie #2. Schilling signed the pledge for a reason: he doesn’t support any type of tax increase — including a tax increase on Medicare or Social Security.

Phil Hare again demonstrates his fluency in hypocrisy: he actually supports raising the cap on Social Security and Medicare taxes by 65%.

Lie #3: While on the campaign trail, Phil Hare has claimed Schilling supports privatizing Social Security and raising the retirement age.

Nothing could be further from the truth. According to Schilling’s issues section at his website: “I do not believe in privatizing Social Security, and I do not believe in raising the retirement age.”

Lie #4: Phil Hare says: “Schilling did not pay his taxes.”

Schilling released the following statement on October 8th, debunking this outrageous claim:

“I have always paid my taxes. Hare’s gross distortion of two outstanding business franchise filing fees with the Secretary of State’s Office from over 10 years ago reeks of desperation. Upon learning of the filings from the Secretary of State’s Office I immediately instructed my accountant to remedy the situation, and the filing fees for my business were properly handled in a timely manner. This issue has long ago been resolved, and my family and I are very proud of our restaurant business and the excellent reputation we have built with our friends and neighbors throughout Rock Island County.”

In short, the IRS was never involved, and the slanderous claim is blatantly false.

Communications director Bobby Frederick said that Americans deserve better than the misleading and desperate tactics of Congressman Phil Hare.

“Phil Hare’s dishonest tactics are exactly why Americans are sick and tired of politics,” Frederick said. “He needs to be taken to task every time he tells one of these tall tales on the campaign trail. When you are down in the polls and afraid to run on your record, the only thing left to do is deceive, and that is exactly what we are seeing from Phil Hare. Bobby Schilling’s campaign is focused on the issues that face our country, and I believe the people of Illinois will make that distinction on Election Day.”

Bobby Schilling, a native of Rock Island, graduated from Alleman High School and attended Black Hawk College. Schilling, a local business owner, is the Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District in Illinois. Bobby is running on a platform of bringing jobs and real representation back to the 17th District. Earlier this year, Schilling conducted a 34-city “Bob’s for Jobs” tour, where he met with voters and employers all across the 17th District. Schilling was recently named an official ‘Young Gun’ by the National Republican Congressional Committee in their Young Guns program of top tiered races.

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