NJ Teachers Union Bragging They Can't Be Fired

-By Warner Todd Huston

Shock videographer James O’Keefe has released video of New Jersey teachers union members bragging that it is nearly impossible for them to be fired by the state.

Daily Caller reports: (Warning foul language uttered by teachers in videos)

In one video, Alissa Ploshnick, who is identified as a special educator at Passaic Public Schools, seems to verify the worst suspicions of education reformers. “It’s really hard to fire a tenured teacher,” she says. “It’s really hard – like you seriously have to be in the hallway fucking somebody.”

As an example, Ploshnick said, “we had a teacher that just recently was like – you NIGGER,” adding that the teacher was demoted, but is still teaching.

“We think that that’s unconscionable that a teacher could call a student the ‘N-word’ and we can’t fire the teacher,” O’Keefe said in a phone interview with The Daily Caller. “We’ve got Dr. Laura getting fired for using racial slurs. Then we’ve got teachers calling kids the ‘N-word’ and we can’t even fire them.”

Indeed it is!

Check out the rest of Daily Caller’s report.


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  • We use videography in Chicago for practically all kinds of things. If this kind of videos pop out in our place, these teachers are definitely going down. How can they be called teachers when they can't even choose their words?

  • The video was amusing. schiller trots out the straw man the Republicans suggest that all npr funding comes from the government, then says that if they lost the $90 million in fed.funds, many npr stations would "go dark" The ran about intellectuals representing such a small percentage of population and the population was hijacked by uneducated, I found this here: Cutting federal funding for NPR not likely to hurt public radio The recent video entrapment of an NPR official by right wing activist O'Keefe has further spiced up the debate Budget-wise however, slicing government finances would have a negligible impact on NPR operations.

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