MONEYBOMB: Bill Brady 4 Governor (Let's win back Blago's seat!)

From the Midwest Regional College Republicans…

Send a message to Barack Obama (and the party of Rod Blagojevich + the “Chicago Way”)!!

Give anything you can, to help us across the finish line, to VICTORY!!

CONTRIBUTE to Brady for Illinois

It’s now only ONE WEEK till the big day! Of all the State Governors in the country, none has been more infamous, within the past couple years, as the now-impeached (and indicted!) Governor of Illinois. The “Chicago Way” has clearly crippled our state, through the years – and is doing the same, at the national level, as well!

Now, we have a rare – and perhaps unprecedented – opportunity to throw out the bums who caused this mess, and replace them all with an outside-the-Establishment, CONSERVATIVE Republican alternative!

This chance may NEVER come again.

CONTRIBUTE to Brady for Illinois

Both BILL BRADY and JASON PLUMMER are conservative GOP leaders hailing from the heartlands of central Illinois (the same area that actually sparked the conservative revolution led by Ronald Reagan)!

So: Whereever you may be… This race is being WIDELY-WATCHED, with serious consequences, nationwide.

Help us show that traditional Republican values (and “tea party” values) are a pathway to success, and victory.

HELP US TAKE BACK this state (which produced Chicago politicians like Rod Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Dan Rostenkowski, Barack Obama, and a long line of others).

JUST as this movement helped spark the Reagan Revolution, the results of this race, seven days from today, could have great implications, nationwide!!

PLEASE GIVE ANYTHING YOU CAN, to help us WIN – one week from today!!

CONTRIBUTE to Brady for Illinois

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